Use of Virginia Department of Education Funds

1. Use of VDOE grant funds may only be accessed if the service is provided by an approved VNOC consultant and the request is arranged with the VNOC Coordinator before services are rendered.

2. Guidelines* for VNOC consultants’ fees are as follows:


These are guidelines. Depending on the nature of the service request a consultant's fee may be more but within reason (e.g., psychological assessment). The maximum reimbursement will be based on the following amounts.
  • $150-180.00 for a half day (3 hours) of direct service for individuals holding a bachelor’s or a master’s degree ($50-60/hour). 
  • $300.00 for a half day (3 hours) of direct service for individual’s holding a doctorate degree ($100/hour).
  • The billable amount of service time may include preparation.  Preparation time should not exceed the time spent providing the actual service and may be no more than 3 hours total.
  • Consultants may be reimbursed at the current state rates for travel, including mileage.** Lodging and food are reimbursable at state rates if overnight is necessary.  (Meals are not an expected reimbursable expense for a one-day consultation. In addition, VNOC consultants may not bill for unencumbered/nonworking lunch break.) **Current state mileage rate for one-day travel (check as needed); for overnight travel in which lodging is also submitted for reimbursement mileage should be calculated @.246/mile.
  • $50/hour for consultant’s holding a bachelor’s degree;
  • $60/hour for consultant’s holding a master’s degree;
  • $100/hour for consultant’s holding a doctorate degree;
  • $130/hour for educational psychologist

The school division/agency’s authorizing administrator and the VNOC consultant should agree on a fee/hour or /half day before service is provided as well as travel expenses.  Preapproval of the maximum (not to exceed) amount of the VNOC consultation and the maximum amount to be reimbursed to the school division/agency must be arranged with the VNOC Coordinator before services are rendered.

3. Local school divisions/agencies may host regional professional development sessions provided by VNOC consultants.  A VNOC Service Request form must be submitted for scheduling a regional event.

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