Personal Sites

VCU supports the concept of faculty, staff and student personal websites. Responsibilities of all members of the university community regarding the use of university resources, including computing resources, are articulated in the Rules and Procedures, the VCU Honor System, the Computer and Network Resources Use Policy and other official policies of VCU. Our expectations of one another are articulated in the VCU Creed.

The following design/content standards — in addition to all requirements under the General (1) requirement category — pertain to all VCU-hosted/linked personal websites.

  1. Personal websites must not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions or otherwise making statements on behalf of the university or any unit of the university unless appropriately authorized (explicitly or implicitly) to do so.
  2. Personal websites may not contain the VCU web elements or other symbols of the university unless they pertain specifically to a university function. Refer to the Branding (3) requirement category for more information.
  3. The site owner's name and email address must be visible on all pages.
  4. Creators of websites must not make or use illegal copies of copyrighted materials or software, store such copies on university systems, or transmit them over university networks. (Copyright law pertains to many types of materials, including cartoons, pictures, graphics, text, song lyrics and sounds - including most MP3 and other files shared via peer-to-peer procedures). Refer to the General (1) requirement category for more information.