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Foreign Languages

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Benefits of Foreign Languages

Learning a language opens up numerous opportunities and experiences both professionally and personally. Being able to speak another language makes it possible to work in different countries and with different people.

Our language programs not only provide written and oral communications skills but a deep understanding of culture and history. As a result, our graduates gain the true cultural fluency and competency necessary to succeed in diverse, international and multidisciplinary environments.

We offer a variety of approaches and opportunities to learning language inside and outside of the classroom. Our faculty, many of whom are native speakers, have years of experience. Our student-to-instructor ratio allows you more personal attention and faculty interaction. Learn more about the Foreign Language faculty here

The School of World Studies prioritizes experiential learning and provides our students real world opportunities to engage with foreign languages such as the French Film Festival, internships and study abroad.

The VCU Foreign Languages plan of study and major maps offer further guidance in shaping your academic and professional paths.  

What we offer

Career paths

Mastering a foreign language opens professional doors in our increasingly globalized economy. Language skills are vital in careers like translation services, particularly necessary in fields like healthcare, but also for careers with multinational corporations which have international locations and employees.

Cross Cultural communication is a skill that can’t be automated and requires the “human touch.” Cultural and linguistic fluency is especially useful for working with or managing people from different backgrounds whether you remain in the U.S. or end up working abroad.

Other Resources

Students interested in less commonly taught languages are encouraged to explore opportunities provided through Arizona State University's Melikian Center and their Critical Language Institute

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