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College of Humanities & Sciences

School of World Studies

Applying for an Internship

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Step by Step Guide to School of World Studies Internships

The following steps will help you properly obtain and fulfill the internship requirements. Please submit all materials by the appropriate deadline!

Internship Questions? Please direct all questions to the internship coordinator, Jon Waybright, at

Determine if You are Eligible for an Internship

To be eligible for credit in a World Studies internship, you must have:

  • Declared the World Studies major for which you wish to receive internship credit
  • Earned a major GPA of at least 2.25
  • Completed at least 9 credits at the 300 level or above in their World Studies major with a "C" or better

Meet with your academic adviser if you are unsure whether you meet these eligibility requirements.

Read Our Internship Syllabus

The internship syllabus outlines what is expected of you if you are accepted for an internship. Make sure you understand and can complete these requirements before applying.

Secure an Internship Location Relevant to Your Major

We’ve listed organizations offering internships with which we have an ongoing relationship but you are welcome to explore other choices. Our internship coordinator can help you identify other opportunities tailored to your particular academic and career interests.

If you choose a location we have not listed, you must send us the organization’s website for location approval.  Organizations must be related to your major. Internships for foreign language majors, must use the target language at least 50% of the time.

Submit an Internship Application and Internship Agreement

Once you have an agreement to work with a specific organization, you must complete and sign the electronic internship application [Google form] as well as the internship agreement form [Word]. Pay attention to our deadlines!

Register for Internship Credits

Once your internship is approved, you will receive an email with instructions for adding the internship course to your semester registration.  You must be registered for an internship course to receive a grade and academic credit for the internship. Note: The internship is an academic course like any other; credits will appear on your transcript and will be added to your tuition cost.

Complete the Internship Log

Along with the other requirements described in the internship course syllabus, you must keep a weekly log of hours signed by your supervisor.

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