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Alison Breland, Ph.D.

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Cancer Prevention and Control

Department affiliations

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Humanities and Sciences


PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University (2005)
MS, Virginia Commonwealth University (2002)

Research description

My research is primarily focused on tobacco/nicotine, including the evaluation of novel products (such as electronic cigarettes), tobacco use among individuals with behavioral health disorders, and other areas, such as e-cigarette use among pregnant women. Much of my work also addresses issues of nicotine/tobacco dependence and abuse liability, and puff topography is an outcome measure in many of my published studies. I am currently funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as Co-PI (with Dr. Thomas Eissenberg at VCU) on VCU's Center for the Study of Tobacco Products, and as Project Director for Project 2 ("Using User Behavior Collected in the Clinical Laboratory to Test Hypotheses about Advanced-Generation ECIGs and Generate Population-Level Predictions Regarding Potential Regulatory Action"). The goal of Project 2 is are to use established clinical laboratory methods to examine, in independent studies each involving exclusive ECIG users and non-ECIG using smokers, the extent to which subjective effects, puff topography, liquid consumption and nicotine delivery are influenced by three potential regulatory actions.

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