The Virginia Center on Aging (VCoA) is a statewide agency located on the Medical College of Virginia Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University. VCoA was created by the Virginia General Assembly in 1978 (Code of Virginia 23.1-2311).  In the video below, Dr. Ed Ansello gives a brief overview of the work done at the Virginia Center on Aging.

The VCoA was created to be an interdisciplinary study, research, information and resource facility for the Commonwealth of Virginia utilizing the full capabilities of faculty, staff, libraries, laboratories and clinics for the benefit of older Virginians and the expansion of knowledge pertaining to the aged and to the aging.

The General Assembly assigned VCoA three primary functions:

Interdisciplinary Study
The General Assembly includes continuing education, in-service training, education and training of older persons, and educational preparation of non-gerontology students among the interdisciplinary studies to be initiated by VCoA.  

The General Assembly charges the Virginia Center on Aging to conduct research in the field of gerontology and to make the findings available.

Information Resource Sharing
The General Assembly mandates VCoA to collect and maintain data on the characteristics and conditions of Virginia's elders and to be a readily available resource to organizations and agencies serving these elders.

The mission of the VCoA is to define and protect the quality of life for older Virginians so that they may remain autonomous, contribute to their communities, and have access to resources for continued learning and personal growth.  We provide data, resources and insightful recommendations to decision makers (legislators, practitioners, service providers and caregivers) to enable them to make informed decisions about our elderly.

To achieve its mission, the Center focuses on four primary (core) operating objectives:

  1. Training, Education, and Lifelong Learning
  2. Alzheimer´s Research and Education
  3. Expanding the Community´s Capacity to Provide Caregiving
  4. Serving as a Statewide Resource Center

The Virginia Center on Aging created four program areas to fulfill our purpose and mission: