Sung C. Hong, Ph.D.

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Dr. Hong is a Research Associate currently working with Dr. Coogle in analyzing data from the National Gambling Impact and Behavior Study for connections between at-risk gambling, alcohol use, and physical/mental health among older adults; they recently completed a Survey of Older Adults for the City of Richmond. He worked previously with Drs. Coogle and Osgood (Department of Gerontology) in gathering and compiling information for the More Life to Live project on substituting healthy behaviors for unhealthy ones, funded by the Delaware Division of Services for the Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities. During this time, he earned his Ph.D. in Education at VCU. Dr. Hong was born and educated in South Korea. Trained as an architect (AIA) and planner (AICP), he is especially interested in the creation and improvement of environments appropriate for older adults. His research expertise extends to both quantitative and qualitative analyses of data.