Digital Image Class Composites are available for free from the VCU Reporting Center. These reports are only available to VCU faculty and selected Records and Registration staff. To access them:

  1. Login to myVCU Portal 
  2. Select Banner Reporting Center from the Single Sign-on Links Portlet 
  3. Select Faculty 
  4. Select Class List with Photos

If you do not see that selection, you are not authorized. Because the composites are considered Student Records, all Faculty members have access to the composites and are encouraged to use the Reporting Center to print their own composites. Most staff members are not authorized to access the composites. Composites will help you learn the faces and names of the students in your class in a shorter time, and help you recognize the students in your lecture classes. 

In addition to the free class composites, departments may request a digital VCUCard image file (Image Request) of staff or students, to use in web pages and directories. Because these services require VCUCard staff time to process, a nominal fee is charged: 

  • Processing Fee: $5.00 
  • Cost: $1.00 per image 
  • Parts Fee: $2.00 per CD 

Please submit a ticket to the IT Support Center:

  • In the attachments section, add your spreadsheet including full names, Banner ID/Employee Numbers, and (if available) dates of birth.

Once the ticket has been submitted, our office will be immediately notified of your request. Please allow us 3-5 business days to complete your request. You will receive notifications in your VCU email for any status updates or changes to your ticket.

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