Course Materials: HGEN 619 [Fall 2010]

Topics for 2010 Fall Session

Website: OpenMx
Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision.

DateLecture TopicLecturerNotes and Examples
Sep 29Introduction to OpenMxTheory-Model-Data
OpenMx Introduction
OpenMx Reference
MatrixAlgebraExercises Assignment
OpenMx Reference Key
R for OpenMx Reference Key
First OpenMx Script
Matrix Algebra Exercises Script
Oct 01Testing Model Assumptions, LikelihoodOpenMx Scripting
OpenMx Model Assumptions
Univariate Statistics Script
Bivariate Statistics Script
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Continuous
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Binary
Univariate Twin Saturated -Matrix Raw Ordinal
Oct 06Univariate ACE Model
(continuous & categorical data)
Twin AnalysisUnivariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous -Fill
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Binary
Univariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Ordinal
Oct 08Heterogeneity Testing (sex, age, environment)Twin Analysis 102Heterogeneity Twin Quant Diff [same sex] -Matrix Raw Continuous
Heterogeneity Twin Quant/Qual Diff [SS+OS] -Matrix Raw Continuous
Heterogeneity Twin Quant Diff [same sex] -Matrix Raw Binary
Heterogeneity Twin Quant/Qual Diff [SS+OS] -Matrix Raw Binary
Oct 13Modeling Means and CovariancesTwin Analysis 103Moderated Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Oct 15Multivariate Genetic AnalysisTwin Analysis 104Bivariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Multivariate Twin ACE -Matrix Raw Continuous
Nov 05SEM with Measured GenesSEM with Measured GenesUnivTwinACEGRawOrdEx.R
Nov 17PowerPowernorm_dist_sim.R
Helper FunctionsGenetic Epidemiology Helper FunctionsGen Epi Helper Functions
View graphic versionView graphic version