Course Materials: Quantitative Genetics [Fall 2008]

Topics for 2008 Fall Session

Website: OpenMx
Text: Methodology for Genetic Studies of Twins and Families by Neale & Cardon, 1992 revision.
Classic Mx Manual: Mx: Statistical Modeling by Neale, Boker, Xie & Maes, 2006.

DateLecture TopicLecturerNotes and Examples
Aug 28Causes of variation/ Biometrical GeneticsHermine MaesIntroduction PPT
Introduction PDF
Sep 04Path analysis
Matrix algebra
Introduction to Mx
Biometrical Genetics
Hermine MaesPath Analysis PPT, Path Analysis PDF
Matrix Algebra PPT, Matrix Algebra PDF
Mx input
Mx output
Intro to Mx PPT, Intro to Mx PDF
Biometrical Genetics PPT, Biometrical Genetics PDF
Sep 12Summarizing data/ Univariate ACE model
Fitting basic models
Hermine MaesSaturated example files
Univariate example files
Introduction to SEM
Maximum likelihood / Goodness-of-fit Statistics
Michael NealeIndividual Fit
Twin Analysis (Enc of Biostat)
Twin Studies: Software (Enc HG)
Software BG (Enc Beh Sc)
Likelihood example
One locus example
Two locus example
Sep 18Univariate Genetic Analysis
Fitting basic models
Hermine MaesUnivariate Models PPT, Univariate Models PDF
Univariate Data PPT
Univariate example files
Fill in the blanks exercise
Sep 25Univariate Genetic Analysis
Fitting basic models
Hermine MaesThreshold Models PPT, Threshold Models PDF
Categorical Data PPT, Categorical Data PDF
Categorical example files
Threshold Calculation
Oct 02Gene x age/sex/environment interaction
Testing for heterogeneity across sex/age
Hermine MaesHeterogeneity PPT, Heterogeneity PDF
Heterogeneity example files
Oct 09Genetic models for correlated data
Phenotypic FA / Fitting bivariate models
Nathan GillespieBivariate PPT, Bivariate PDF
Bivariate example files
Oct 16Independent and common pathway models
Fitting multivariate models
Hermine MaesMultivariate PPT, Multivariate PDF
Multivariate example files
Oct 23Developmental continuity and change
Fitting models to longitudinal data
Nathan GillespieLongitudinal PPT, Longitudinal PDF
Developmental example files
Oct 30Issues in study design & power
Power Calculations & Simulation
Michael NealePower PPT, Power PDF
Power example files
Power: Neale ea 94
Visscher 04
Visscher 08
EEA: Derks ea 06
Nov 06Extended Pedigrees
Fitting models to extended kinships
Hermine MaesExtended Pedigrees PPT, Extended Pedigrees PDF
Extended Pedigrees example files
Nov 13Methods for identifying QTL’s
QTL analysis
Daniel DickLinkage and Association Intro PPT, Linkage and Association Intro PDF
Nov 20Linkage and Association Analysis
Fitting Linkage and Association Models
Sarah MedlandLinkage & Association PPT, Linkage & Association PDF
Linkage and Association example files
Dec 04Item response Theory
Fitting IRT Models
Nathan GillespieItem Response Theory example files
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