Course Materials: Cancer Control [Spring 2006]

Topics for 2006 Spring Session

DateLecture TopicLecturerNotes and Examples
Jan 23Welcome / Overview of Cancer Control
Cancer Control and Population Sciences 2005 Overview and Highlights
The Nation’s Investment in Cancer Research
Hermine MaesCancer Control PPT, Cancer Control PDF
Jan 23Cancer Epidemiology
Jemal et al. 2005 Cancer Statistics, 2005
Associated Press Article Jan 19, 2005
Resa JonesCancer Epidemiology PPT, Cancer Epidemiology PDF
Jan 30Behavioral Approach to Cancer Prevention
Theory at a Glance
Steven Danish / Kathleen IngramHealth Behavior Theories, HBT PPT, HBT PDF
Social Support and USIs
Jan 30Risk Communication and Genetic CounselingJohn QuillinRisk Communication PPT, Risk Communication PDF
Feb 05Examples of Behavioral Cancer PreventionSteven DanishLife Skills PPT, Life Skills PDF
Feb 06Obesity Intervention with Adolescents and ParentsSuzanne MazzeoObesity Intervention PPT, Obesity Intervention PDF
Feb 13Diet/Exercise and Cancer
JAMA 2006 Editorial
JAMA 2006 Prentice et al.
Diane Baer WilsonDiet/Exercise & Cancer PPT, Diet/Exercise & Cancer PDF
Feb 13Virginia Tobacco Evaluation ProjectDiane Baer Wilson / Carolyn HeckmanVTEP PPT, VTEP PDF
Feb 20Tobacco Research in VirginiaEarl DowdyTobacco Research PPT, Tobacco Research PDF
Feb 20Cost and Cancer Care
JNCI 2005 Article
Bruce HillnerCost and Cancer Care PPT, Cost and Cancer Care PDF
Feb 27Biostatistics in Cancer Control Research, Nutrition / Dietary ChangeDonna McClish
Mar 06Methods in Genetic EpidemiologyLindon EavesGenetic Epidemiology PPT, Genetic Epidemiology PDF
Mar 06Methods in BiostatisticsRamesh Ramakrishnan
Mar 20Genetics of Cancer Risk FactorsHermine MaesCancer Risk Factors PPT, Cancer Risk Factors PDF
Mar 20Health Services and Surveillance ResearchLynne PenberthyHealth Services PPT, Health Services PDF
Mar 27Health Economics and Cancer Care
Bradley et al. 2005 JNCI
Talcott Editorial
Bradley et al. 2005 JHE
Cathy BradleyHealth Economics PPT, Health Economics PDF
Mar 27Health Disparities in Cancer CareAlton Hart
Apr 03Palliative Care, Pain & Cancer Pain
Wall Street Journal Article
Tom SmithPalliative Care PPT, Palliative Care PDF
Apr 04Symptom Management in CancerPat CoyneSymptom Management PPT, Symptom Management PDF
Apr 04Genetic Epidemiology of Smoking BehaviorKenneth KendlerGenetics of Smoking PPT, PDF
Apr 18Harm Reduction in Tobacco Users
Eissenberg et al. 2006
Breland et al. 2002
Hatsukami et al. 2005
Tom EissenbergHarm Reduction PPT
Apr 18Ethics of Clinical Research
Macrina’s 2005 Scientific Integrity book
Laurie LyckholmEthics PPT, Ethics PDF
Apr 24Clinical TrialsJohn Roberts
May 01Presentations of Projects
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