Seminars & Lectures: 2013-2014

idDateSeminar TitlePresenter
862013-09-05*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
872013-09-12Authorship Credit and ResponsibilitiesDr. Frank Macrina
882013-09-19An empirical Bayes method for combining genomic information and genetic dataMark Reimers
892013-09-26From Basic Etiology to Prevention/Intervention: Interdisciplinary efforts to apply genetics researchDanielle Dick
902013-10-03PGC1 SCZ & Cross-Disorder Analyses: Sporadic and Familial SCZ, Clinical Subtypes, and Age-at-onset (AAO)Tim Bigdeli
912013-10-10Genetic and Environmental features of alcohol use, abuse and dependenceBrad Verhulst
922013-10-17*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
932013-10-24Jeanne, Substance Use Across Adolescence and Young Adulthood: Associated Genetic and Environmental Factors; Arden, Development of Difference: Cross-lagged exploration of differential parental praise and blame between MZ and DZ twin pairs in relationship.Savage/Moscati
942013-10-31PBSG - 2nd Year StudentsArden, Elizabeth & Jeanne
952013-11-07Applying Multivariate Discrete Distributions to Genetically Informative Count Data (with an intro to RFGLS)Robert Kirkpatrick
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