Seminars & Lectures: 2020-2021

idDateSeminar TitlePresenter
3822020-08-27Introduction to High Performance ClusterHelen Wang
3832020-09-03Predicting genetics of severe outcomes following C19 infection based on GWAS of comorbid conditionsSilviu-Alin Bacanu
3842020-09-10Integrating family and genomic methods to improve causal inferenceMichael Neale
3852020-09-17Multiplex Family Risk and Genome Sequencing in SchizophreniaBrien Riley
3862020-09-24Genetic and Cultural Transmission of Alcohol Use Disorders. Swedish Population Data AnalysisHermine Maes
3872020-10-01Resilience Research in VATSPSUD: an UpdateChristina Sheerin
3882020-10-08Replication & Discovery of Genetic Loci Associated with Alcohol Problems using Machine Learning Phenotype PredictionsBradley Todd Webb
3892020-10-15Intimate Partner Violence as a Prenatal Stressor: Consequences of the Mother-Child DyadAlytia Levendosky
3902020-10-22Genetic Epidemiology & Molecular genetics of (many) Complex TraitsNathan Gillespie
3912020-10-29Immunomethylomics and Early-Onset Major DepressionRoxann Roberson-Nay
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