Terrell Hicks


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2014, B.S. Psychology

Research Interests

• Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
• Substance Use Disorders (i.e., cannabis, nicotine, alcohol)
• Health Disparities

Research Description

I am interested in understanding factors that influence post-trauma trajectory of symptoms among individuals exposed to a variety of potentially traumatic events. Specifically, my research interests lie at the intersection of biological and environmental factors that influence the development of PTSD and co-morbid problematic substance use (i.e., cannabis, nicotine, alcohol). I am also interested in reducing racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities’ disparities in health care. My long-term research goals are largely focused on the identification of potentially modifiable environmental variables that increase risk for post-trauma psychopathology (in their interaction with genetic variants), with the aim of translating these findings into culturally sensitive prevention and secondary intervention programs.


Selected Publications

None available

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