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College of Humanities & Sciences

School of World Studies


Our faculty join us from throughout the country and world! 

(If you are a faculty member in need of guidance, please visit our faculty resources page.)

Vera Abbate, PhDTeaching Assistant Professorvabbate@vcu.edu804-828-2887
Edward M. Abse, Ph.D.Assistant Professoremabse@vcu.edu804.827.1143
Ulrike C. BertinoAdjunct Instructor of
Kai Bosworth, Ph.D.Assistant Professorbosworthk@vcu.edu804.827.1111
Natalia BoykovaTeaching Assistant Professornvboykova@vcu.edu804.827.3414
Aspen Brinton, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of International Studiesaebrinton@vcu.edu804.827.1767
Christopher A. Brooks, Ph.D.Professorcabrooks@vcu.edu804.827.1232
R. Andrew Chesnut, Ph.D.Bishop Walter Sullivan Chair of Catholic Studies
Professor 804.827.3408
Sydney Conrad, PhDTeaching Assistant Professorskconrad@vcu.edu804.827.1925
Cinzia T. CoruboloTeaching Assistant Professorctcorubo@vcu.edu804.827.3432
Patricia W. Cummins, PhDProfessorpcummins@vcu.edu804.827.0958
Pablo de Cuba Soria, Ph.D.Instructorpdecubasoria@vcu.edu804.827.2941
Luís Díaz-DíazAdjunct Instructor of
Cliff Edwards, Ph.D.Professorcedwards@vcu.edu804.827.3409
Jennifer Garvin-Sanchez, Ph.D.Adjunct Instructor of Religious
Robert Godwin-Jones,
Ngoc-My GuidarelliAdjunct Instructor of Frenchnguidare@vcu.edu804.827.3600
Mar Góngora, PhDProfessormmgongora@vcu.edu804.827.3401
Richard Harrington, Ph.D. Adjunct Instructor of
Duanel D. Infante, Ph.D.Associate Professorddiazinfante@vcu.edu804.827.2941
José L. Flórez, M. Ed. Adjunct Faculty
Rohan Kalyan, Ph.D.Assistant
Peter Kirkpatrick, PhDCo-director French Film Festival Associate Professorpkirk@vcu.edu804.827.3425
Cindy Kissel-ItoAdjunct Instructor of Religious
Brahima KoneAdjunct Instructor of
Gina Kovarsky, Ph.D.Teaching Assistant
Ana Yenni Leon LimaAdjunct Instructor of
Jessica Lonnes, M.Ed.Coordinator of SWS Advising Office Teaching Assistant Professor jmlonnes@vcu.edu804.827.4578
Maria E. LopezAdjunct Instructor of
Bernard K. Means, Ph.D.Teaching Assistant Professorbkmeans@vcu.edu804.827.1985
Patricia Michelsen-King, M.A. Instructorpmichelsenki@vcu.edu804.301.9129
Laura Middlebrooks, Ph.D.Teaching Assistant Professormiddlebrooks@vcu.edu804.827.2938
Maribel Moheno, Ph.D.Instructormmoheno@vcu.edu804.827.2939
Alvaro Molina, Ph.D.Instructoramolina2@vcu.edu804-827-2940
Kathyrn Murphy-Judy, Ph.D.Associate Professor Foreign Language 804.827.3420
Eugenia Muñoz, 804.827.0959
Anita NadalTeaching Assistant Professornadalaa@vcu.edu804.827.3405
Esther NelsonAdjunct Instructor of Religious
Kelsey O'Neill, M.A. Adjunct Instructor of
Samaneh Oladi Ghadikolaei, Ph.D.Assistant Professor soladighadiko@vcu.edu804-828-7880
Angelina Overvold, Ph.D.Associate Director of the School of World Studies Associate Professoraovervol@vcu.edu804.827.3416
Matthew Pawlowicz, Ph.D.Teaching Assistant Professormcpawlowicz@vcu.edu804.827.3638
Frank A. PenlandAdjunct Instructor of
Susanne PeschAdjunct Instructor of
Bernardo Piciché, J.D., Ph.D.Associate
Kamilia Rahmouni, Ph.D.Assistant
Amy Rector, Ph.D.Associate
Isabelle K. Richman, Ph.D., J.D.Teaching Assistant Professorikrichman@vcu.edu804.827.3433
Andrew Sharp, Ph.D.Affiliate Assistant Professor of Religious
Robert Sims, PhDProfessorrsims@vcu.edu804.827.3424
Oliver C. Speck, Ph.D.Associate Professor ocspeck@vcu.edu804.827.0910
Christopher M. Stevenson, Ph.D.Associate Professorcmstevenson@vcu.edu804.827.3418
Indira Sultanić, Ph.D, CHI™Assistant (804) 828-0425
Kristin Swenson, Ph.D.Affiliate Associate
Mayda Topoushian, Ph.D.Teaching Assistant
Nelida TorresAdjunct Instructor of Spanishntorres@vcu.edu804.827.4376
Faedah M. Totah, Ph.D.Associate
Gabriella ValsecchiAdjunct Instructor of
Tricia Vesely, Ph.D.Adjunct Instructor of Religious
Jonathan W. WaybrightTeaching Assistant Professor SWS Internship
David Weinfeld, Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professordaweinfeld@vcu.edu804-828-8948
James R. Wilson, J.D.Adjunct Instructor of Religious
Ulrike K. Wilson, PhDAdjunct Professor of
Mark Wood, Ph.D.Director of the School of World Studies Associate Professormdwood@vcu.edu804.827.3415
Jianru YangAdjunct Instructor of
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