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College of Humanities & Sciences

School of World Studies

World ePass

Two palms painted to resemble a world map [View Image]

The World ePass serves as a personalized online portfolio which demonstrates our students’ academic and experiential learning achievements. Both the ePass and process of creating it serve as a bridge between your time at VCU and your professional life after. Just as every student is unique, so too is each ePass. The ePass is customized to best reflect your experiences and goals.

We help you create and tailor your ePass to best serve you as a demonstration of your professional capabilities and skills! The ePass is a collateral requirement that entails one-on-one meetings with our Advising Director. Not only will the finished ePass showcase your experiences and skills, the process of synthesizing and articulating your undergraduate career will prepare you for interviews and networking.

Being able to market yourself and your skills is vital to finding employment so the ePass takes the form of a publicly visible website which can be shared with potential employers. Each ePass is tailored to the student and can include elements such as a resume, personal statement and writing samples as well as represent experiences such as internships, community service and study abroad.

Every School of World Studies major who enrolled in VCU in or after Fall 2018 must complete the ePass. Students who enrolled prior to Fall 2018 may complete either the World ePass or World Passport but we strongly encourage any student with two or more years remaining to complete the ePass.

For more information about the World ePass, please see the VCU bulletin and/or contact academic advising.

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