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Hannah Furchak

September 9, 2019Anthropology major Hannah Furchak presents her research. [View Image]Furchak presents her research at the Duke Lemur center.

Senior Hannah Furchak has always found primates “very intriguing [because of] what they can tell us about ourselves.” She’s explored her interest in primatology as an Anthropology major concentrating in biological anthropology. 

Originally from Stafford, Furchak chose VCU thanks to our Anthropology program because she knew she wanted to pursue primatology since high school. While she already knew she would focus on biological anthropology, she was pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed coursework in the discipline’s other subfields (socio-cultural, linguistics and archeology). 

Outside the classroom, Furchak has made it real through experiential learning opportunities such as our Bone Lab and attendance at the 2018 American Society of Primatologists conference. 

Even more immersively, this past summer Furchak interned with the Duke-Lemur Center, celebrated for its primatology research. Through her internship, she gained a wide range of skills relevant to Furchak’s intended career such as collecting, analyzing and presenting research. 

Furchak remains fascinated by “how similar [primates] are to us” in terms of “their hierarchies and social behaviors” and is furthering her understanding of humanity by double-majoring in Psychology. She credits the School of World Studies with deepening her “respect for other cultures” and how “interconnected” the world is. She hopes to get a Ph.D. and build a research-centric career in academia. 

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