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Jelani Crosby

October 1, 2019Junior Jelani Crosby [View Image]

Certified Reiki master and VCU junior Jelani Crosby switched majors from physical therapy to Religious Studies in order to bring a more “spiritual, [holistic] approach to [his] health” practice. Crosby’s ultimate goal is to operate a metaphysical franchise focused on energy healing where he can integrate the physical and spiritual sides of health. 

Crosby’s greatest takeaways from coursework the School of World Studies include not only learning about diverse spiritual practices but also developing “objective thinking” and “effective communication” skills. Through classes such as Zen in Prison, he’s practiced “how to discuss controversial topics” in a meaningful and productive way. 

Crosby’s enthusiasm for our programs goes beyond the classroom; along with some of our other students, he helped form the World Studies Society last year. He had originally hoped to connect with other Religious Studies majors but quickly came to appreciate the club’s “inclusive, well-rounded approach due to its diversity.” As the group’s Spiritual Counselor he acts as an “unofficial mediator” to help maintain that inclusive approach. 

Crosby brings a similarly rounded, holistic approach to his Reiki practice, a Japanese form of alternative medicine. He became a certified Reiki master in 2019 and has been managing his own energy healing-related business, Namiri Spirituals, for two years. After graduating, he hopes to remain self-employed and “expand his business to incorporate other types of holistic healing practices from around the world”. 


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