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Theresa Dinh

May 1, 2019Theresa Dinh [View Image]

Theresa Dinh graduates this month with a degree in International Studies concentrating in World Cinema and a minor in Asian and Chinese Studies. She is the recipient of multiple scholarships such as the Freeman-Asia and Boren. Most recently, she was awarded a Fulbright which will take her to Taiwan this August!

A heritage speaker of Vietnamese who grew up in Chester, Dinh studied the language formally while studying abroad in Vietnam last year. She describes her time abroad as “illuminating.” While in Vietnam, she volunteered with Alliance Anti Traffic to help victims of human trafficking as well as with Da Nang/Quang Nam Fund Inc. where she taught ESL and did outreach for families harmed by the chemical weapon Agent Orange.

Dinh’s work in Vietnam demonstrates her passion for both advocacy and international studies. She chose the major due to the program’s focus on “the human side” of global affairs and its discussion of  “who is represented by different cultures.” She applauds the School of World Studies faculty for emphasising “the heart” of the issues versus just “nitty gritty facts.”

Dinh credits the School of World Studies for helping foster valuable skills which have helped her succeed.International Studies classes improved her writing skills so that she was able to produce successful applications for the many scholarships she’s received. Classes for her World Cinema concentration fostered strong analytical skills which she used to create reports during her prestigious internship in public policy and international affairs at Princeton University last summer. Minoring in Asian studies motivated Dinh to study abroad.

Dinh plans to continue to connect her passion for International Studies and advocacy by pursuing a graduate degree in public policy with the ultimate goal of working in public diplomacy focused on creating programming. While on campus here at VCU, she has also been a resident assistant as well as an outspoken advocate against gender-based violence.

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