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School of World Studies

the words 'black lives matter' painted in a colorful graffiti-style on a wall [View Image]

Solidarity Statement

The School of World Studies stands in solidarity with citizens everywhere demanding an end to police violence against black citizens and an end to systemic racism. This is what democracy looks like when people come together in common cause to fight for a just society that affirms and uplifts every person.

Acts of violence against black citizens are not new. What is new is that we as a nation are now more aware than ever of their existence, in large measure thanks to citizens posting videos of these acts on social media. The curtain has been pulled back for all Americans to see what black Americans have intimately known as life under white supremacy. One must confront reality to change it and we share a commitment to change the policies and practices that enable harm to and disadvantage people of color. Creating an inclusive culture that affirms the dignity of every person is a vital part of this work and we welcome the decision to move forward to remove statues and symbols which stand against such a culture.

We are witnessing a transformative period in the history of this nation and the history of the world as people everywhere stand up for the rights of black citizens and undertake the momentous work of dismantling the local and global social, political and economic architecture of white supremacy. Amidst the indignities, inequities and divisions caused by white supremacy, we are inspired by the millions of citizens of all colors, ages, ethnicities, genders, religions and nationalities who are marching around the world shoulder-to-shoulder to demand an end to all forms of racial injustice. As a School, we will continue to teach about and promote the value of diversity and to promote and act in solidarity with those working to build a society in which black lives matter and all persons can live well and breathe free.

Below we include a number of resources to make it easy to get involved. As so many have said, there are no innocent bystanders in the struggle for justice. Silence is complicity. Get involved.

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