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Read carefully the audition information/calendar (Info) and concert calendar in the back of the VCU Jazz Studies Handbook, (Resource) ensuring that you are reviewing the current year's Handbook. Such information will also be posted on the VCU Jazz Bulletin Board outside Music Center room 2014. Note that by the end of Add/Drop you must register for the correct Small Jazz Ensembles and/or Jazz Orchestra (with the exact section number) or risk being dropped from the ensemble.

Your audition and/or schedule submission for ensembles conveys to the faculty that you will be available for concert dates of the ensemble(s) in which you might be placed. Though you have the university's option to withdraw from any course, note that it is unprofessional to withdraw from an ensemble after auditions simply because you did not make a certain ensemble: you will not be easy to replace. By the end of Add/Drop period, students have locked in their schedules and can no longer obtain credit for moving into an ensemble you might leave prematurely.

This schedule grid also offers the faculty information for ensemble scheduling and for when calls come in seeking student performers. Most gigs are distributed only via e-mail; so be sure that your e-mail address is correctly entered.

Find a copy of the required rhythmic reading--plus helpful sound-files of acceptable and unacceptable stylistic interpretations--at the same audition information/calendar page.(Info). Practice with the recording to catch your errors before you audition!

Once you submit your schedule through this program, you will not be allowed access to revise it. If you learn of later updates to your schedule, please e-mail specific details to the Director of Jazz Studies immediately to update your record and plan accordingly if possible.

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Basic Information

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    Only a Jazz Orch Only a Small Jazz Ensemble Both A JO; but if I don't make that, an SJE An SJE; if not, then a JO

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Drag, drop, and enlarge your conflict-times and unsure-times for the semester onto the planner to show when you are not or maybe available. (Click events on the schedule to remove them.) The remaining white spaces will be considered times you are definitely available for jazz ensembles. (Note that the VCU Jazz Orchestra I currently rehearses M/W 3:40-5:30p, the JO II T/TH 4:40-6:30p, and the Small Jazz Ensembles at times to be determined by this scheduling process.) If there is additional scheduling information you wish to share with the Director of Jazz Studies, please type it into the Notes section at upper left.

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Removing this event will remove it from your schedule.


Are you sure you want to submit your registration? You will be able to submit only one schedule; you will have to communicate any later revisions to the Director of Jazz Studies via e-mail.

Please confirm the information you have entered in the previous steps below. You will not be able to register until all of the fields are correctly filled out. To make changes go back to the step. To submit the form click the "Submit Registration" button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Local Address:

I want to be in:
Only a Jazz Orch Only a Small Jazz Ensemble Both A JO; but if I don't make that, an SJE An SJE; if not, then a JO

I am a:
Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate

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