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VCU Massey Cancer Center



VCU Massey Cancer Center earned the prestigious National Cancer Institute designation in 1975 based on our world-class research programs, and we have retained that status ever since. NCI designation means that we play an important role in the leadership and shaping of the nation’s cancer research efforts. Like NCI, our research mission is to eliminate the suffering and death caused by cancer.

Our researchers and physician-scientists conduct lab, translational, clinical and population sciences research to discover better ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and control cancer. Nearly 205 of these researchers are members of our preeminent research membership program, which is for those whose primary academic interests relate to cancer. These research members are faculty affiliated with 38 departments in 3 colleges and 4 schools at VCU.

Harnessing our research members’ intellectual curiosity and scientific expertise, we have four core programs through which they collaborate to conduct cancer research: 

Through bench research and the rigorous study of outcomes data, we determine the many roles of medicine in preventing and treating cancer. Our hallmark activity is translational research, where we work to bring laboratory discoveries to the patient bedside as quickly and safely as possible.

Clinical trials are a natural extension of our research programs, and through them, we offer patients access to the very latest treatments for more than 20 types of cancer.

The Goodwin Research Laboratory, Massey’s 80,000-square-foot cancer research wing, is equipped with state-of-the-art labs and cleanrooms to support our research.

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