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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Microscopy Facility Rules


  • Users must receive training in the use of any microscope or other instrumentation prior to use.
  • Only training from the Microscopy facility staff is acceptable. If you have not had Microscopy Facility staff instruction, you must arrange a training session with the Director or facility staff prior to reserving time on any instrument.
  • If you need to reserve multiple sessions in advance, please contact the Director or facility staff prior to reserving the time.
  • Users should plan their initial use of the system within 1 week following their training
  • Initial use of any system needs to be during working hours when a core facility staff member is available to assist should problems occur – thereafter, unsupervised access to the system will be permitted at the discretion of the facility director.
  • Initial use of confocal, structured illumination, and electron microscopes must be scheduled by facility staff.
  • If you are unable to use the microscope during the time that you have reserved, please let one of the core facility staff know 24 hours in advance. Repeat “no-shows” will lose their sign-up privileges.
  • Users who do not arrive within 15 minutes of the beginning of the time block that they have reserved will forfeit their time on the microscope.
  • Users are required to enter (IN LEGIBLE NOTATION) all required information in the logbook when they use the microscope.
  • When finished, users must CLEAN the microscope and the surrounding area and dispose of waste. The last user of the day is responsible for shutting the system down.
  • Absolutely NO food or drink is allowed in the microscope rooms.
  • The system computers are for temporary image storage. All image files must be removed from the computer hard drive when you have finished your imaging session. Files left on the computer hard drive longer than one month will be deleted.
  • Users will be held accountable for any damage to the system that occurs due to user negligence or abuse.


Anyone who abuses these rules and/or the facility equipment will lose access privileges.


Tytus Bernas, Ph. D., Director, 804-828-0949

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