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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Research members

VCU Massey Cancer Center research membership is open to research investigators, clinicians, cancer survivors, patient advocates and community leaders engaged in and/or supportive of cancer-related research. Membership eligibility and privileges are defined by a candidate’s level of current cancer-related research activity. Applications for Massey membership are sent to potential candidates following a nomination by a current member, an invitation extended by the director or a request by an individual candidate to be considered for membership. Members’ research activities are organized into specific research programs. Approved members may be considered by the appropriate program leader(s) for affiliation in peer-reviewed and/or emerging research programs, depending upon the members’ research interests and achievements.

There are three categories of VCU Massey Cancer Center membership: member, associate member and affiliate member.

  • Member
    Members are full-time faculty who participate in cancer research activities and make contributions to the mission of the Center through their cancer-related, peer-review-funded research programs. Such contributions are exemplified by sustained cancer-related research productivity, and promotion of and participation in interdisciplinary and collaborative cancer research. Members make significant use of and their research programs benefit from the Center’s shared resource core lab infrastructure.
  • Associate member
    Associate members are full-time faculty who fit into a variety of categories that include emerging scientists who are developing cancer-related research or collaborations, clinicians primarily involved in cancer patient care activities that are linked in some way to research and faculty who may play key roles in ongoing advisory or consulting activities.
  • Affiliate member
    Other individuals able to make contributions to Massey’s mission may be appointed as affiliate members, and they are considered on a case-by-case basis. These may include faculty, professional staff and others who do not fit into either of the member or associate member categories.
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