Doctoral research

High expectations

Our students begin to publish and present their scholarly work during their time here, generating an average of 25 major presentations and 15 peer-reviewed publications annually.

Selected student fellowships and awards

Cho, S. Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, Social Research, Policy and Practice Section (SRPP) Student Poster Presentation Award, 2020

Lineberry, S. Champion of Accessibility Award, VCU Transforming Accessibility Initiative, 2021

Murphy, J. Radical Alliance for Anti-Racism, Change, and Equity (RAACE) Fellow, September 2020-May 2021

Tomlinson, C. VCU Graduate Student Association’s 24th Annual Research Symposium, outstanding asynchronous poster presentation, 2021

Pitts, B. Virginia Commonwealth University Black History in the Making Award, 2020

Selected student publications

Bouchard, L. M., Price, S. K., & Swan, L. E. T. (2020). The role of the contemporary Christian Church in the rural American South: Philosophical approaches to operationalizing religion in research. Journal of Social Work & Christianity, 47(2). 47-64.

Wagaman, M.A. & Kemmerer, A. (2021). Transgender & nonbinary youth empowerment. Social Work and Health Care Practice with Transgender and Nonbinary Individuals and Communities: Voices for Equity, Inclusion, and Resilience.

Kim, K., Buckley, T., Burnette, D., Kim, S., & Cho, S. (2020). Measurement Indicators of Age-Friendly Communities: Findings From the AARP Age-Friendly Community SurveyThe Gerontologist, gnab055. 

Murphy, J. L., McDonald, S. E., O’Connor, K. E., Tomlinson, C. A., Matijczak, A., Ascione, F. R., & Williams, J. H. (2021). Do animal cruelty exposure and positive engagement with pets moderate associations between children’s exposure to intimate partner violence and callous and prosocial behavior? Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication.  

Pitts, B.E. (2021). Uneasy lies the head that wears a CROWN: A critical race analysis of Black hair and legal discrimination. Journal of Black Studies.  

Wike, T. L., Grady, M. D., Massey, M., Bledsoe S. E., Bellamy, J. L., Stim, H., & Putzu, C. (2019) Newly educated MSW social workers’ use of evidence-based practice and evidence-supported interventions: Results from an online survey. Journal of Social Work Education, DOI: 10.1080/10437797.2019.1600444

Yabar, M. P. (2021). Narratives in sex offender management laws: How stories about a label shape policymaking. The Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 48(1), 33-56. 

Selected student presentations

Bouchard, L. M. & Shin, S. H. (2021). A systematic review of universal to indicated prevention approaches to rural opioid use. Poster presentation for the Society of Social Work and Research 25th Annual Conference, January, 2021. Online.

Cho, S., Buckley, T., & Kim, K. (2020, November). Moderating effect of race and ethnicity in the relationship of technology use and social isolation. Research poster session at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, November 2020. Online.

Lineberry, S., Bogenschutz, M. (2021). Factors associated with voting among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities receiving services in Virginia. Poster presentation for the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 145th Annual Meeting, June 2023. 

Matijczak, A.Tomlinson, C. A., & McDonald, S. E. (2021). “He was like, my ride or die”: Sexual and gender minority emerging adults’ perspectives on living with pets during the transition to adulthood. Paper presented at the International Society for Anthrozoology Conference, June, 2021. Online.

Murphy, J. L., Granger, K., Peterson, N., Pandey, T., & Sutherland, K. (2020). Examining reciprocal relations between teacher burnout and classroom management efficacy [Poster presentation accepted]. The 2020 Annual Conference of Advancing School Mental Health: Equitable and Effective School Mental Health – School Climate and Universal Health Promotion Track, Baltimore, MD, October, 2020. 

Yabar, M. P. & Bouchard, L. M. (2020). Exploring the relationship between bullying victimization and sexual onset among Latino gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Video Presentation for the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Conference, November, 2020. Online.

Accepted student presentations

Cage, J., Clark, S. H., Pitts, B.E. (2021, January 19-22). “They’re comfortable disrespecting us”: Utilizing a case study of Black student experiences to outline opportunities for research on Social Work Education. [Virtual workshop canceled]. 25th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR), San Francisco, CA.

Recently completed dissertations

Buckley, Tommy (August 2021) Sense of community among older adults in Puerto Rico two years after Hurricane Maria. Committee Members: Dr. Denise Burnette, Chair; Drs. Kyeongmo Kim, Humberto Fabelo, Tracey Gendron (Dept. of Gerontology)

Compton, Kimberly (May 2021) Pro-environmental behaviors among environmental justice advocates: A critical race perspective. Committee Members: Dr. Sarah Kye Price, Chair; Drs. Karen Chartier, Mary C. Secret, Jody Davis (Dept. of Psychology)

Luce, Claire (May 2021) Grief, loss, and climate change: Validation of a solastalgia scale. Committee Members: Dr. Sarah Kye Price, Chair; Drs. Shelby E. McDonald, Traci Wike, Jeremy S. Hoffman (Affiliate graduate faculty)

Swan, Laura E.T. (May 2021) Pathways to reproductive autonomy: Structural and relational facilitators of contraceptive access in the US. Committee Members: Dr. Sarah Kye Price, Chair; Drs. Shelby E. McDonald, Youngmi Kim, Sarah Jane Brubaker (Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs)

Watts, Keith J. (May 2021) The role of community belongingness in the mental health and well-being of Black LGBTQ Individuals. Committee Members: Dr. M. Alex Wagaman, Chair; Drs. Jamie L. Cage, Maurice N. Gattis, madison moore (Dept of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies)

Cody, Anna (December 2020) Children’s participation rights in child welfare systems: Identifying opportunities for implementation. Committee Members: Dr. M. Alex Wagaman, Chair; Drs. Sarah Kye Price, Hollee McGinnis, Elizabeth M.Z. Farmer (Affiliate Graduate Faculty),  Kurt Stemhagen (School of Education), Gary B. Melton (Affiliate Graduate faculty; Kempe Center, University of Colorado and visiting professor in the Curry School of Education at UVA)

Conley, David (August 2020) Analysis of stigmatic content in state mental health legislative proposals. Committee Members: Dr. Matthew D. Bogenschutz, Chair; Drs. Hollee A. McGinnis, Traci L. Wike, Andrew J. Barnes (Dept. of Health Behavior and Policy)

Stebbins, Mary (August 2019) Factors that influence mental health services utilization by children who have experienced adversity. Committee Members: Dr. Karen G. Chartier, Chair; Drs. Jamie Cage, Joseph Walsh, and Michael Southam-Gerow (VCU Dept. of Psychology)

Massey, Michael J. (May 2019) Critical Race Examination of Educator Perceptions of Discipline and School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Committee Members: Dr. Matthew D. Bogenschutz, Chair; Drs. Sarah Kye Price, Nicole Corley, Adia Terefa (VCU School of Education)


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