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Development Operations

Samantha Wheeler Marrs [View Image]

Samantha Wheeler Marrs

Senior Associate Vice President for Development Operations

Phone: (804) 828-1229

Email: swmarrs@vcu.eduView bio

Samantha Wheeler Marrs joined VCU in 2000 as director of corporate and foundation relations.

Today, her primary responsibility is to manage key DAR areas, including budget, Strategic Marketing and Engagement and Advancement Services, including donor relations, communications, annual giving, regional philanthropy and corporate and foundation relations.

Her previous experience includes eight years as program associate at The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, where she coordinated higher-education grants. She holds degrees from Smith College and Columbia University. She has served as president of a local middle school PTA, chair of the board of the Virginia Poverty Law Center and secretary/treasurer of the board of VirginiaFIRST, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding STEM activities across the commonwealth. 

Ingrid “Izzy” Kane [View Image]

Ingrid “Izzy” Kane

Development Operations Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-4708

Email: irkane@vcu.eduView bio

Izzy Kane joined VCU in 2010 as a graduate student worker in corporate and foundation relations. She then went on to work in the Office of Research Subjects Protection at VCU before coming back to Development and Alumni Relations as senior project coordinator. She holds a bachelor's in hospitality administration from Boston University and an M.P.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill. 

King P. Goldman [View Image]

King P. Goldman

DAR Building Manager

Email: kgoldman@vcu.eduView bio

King P. Goldman joined DAR in July 2015 as assistant Advancement Services trainer. In January 2016, King became interim project manager/executive assistant. Given his previous experience directing and managing housekeeping and environmental service operations in both hotels and VCU Health, he transitioned to building manager in May 2016. Goldman earned a bachelor's in human development from the University of Illinois at Urbana, a master's in instructional design from Bellevue University and a post-master's certificate for Six Sigma Greenbelt course completion via Villanova University. 

Advancement Services

Prospect Development

Kristin Richardson [View Image]

Kristin Richardson

Executive Director of Prospect Development

Phone: (804) 827-4588

Email: kfrichardson@vcu.eduView bio

Kristin Richardson, who joined the VCU staff in 2015, earned a bachelor's in marketing at Virginia Tech and an M.L.I.S. from the University of South Carolina.

Richardson had more than 15 years of financial sales, customer service and home health care administrative management experience before diving into the higher education development arena. Her current career path began in 2012 when she joined the staff at the University of South Carolina as director of prospect research. In that position, she grew and expanded the resources, deliverables and capabilities of the prospect research team. Richardson introduced data analytics to the development office by implementing data analysis, predictive modeling and data visualization tools that informed decision making by leadership.

At VCU, Richardson implements a prospect management system, coordinate prospect strategy, manage the prospect development team and implement data analytics for the DAR team. 

Carrie Naumann (M.P.A.’08/GPA; Cert.’08/H&S) [View Image]

Carrie Naumann (M.P.A.’08/GPA; Cert.’08/H&S)

Senior Associate Director of Prospect Data Management

Phone: (804) 828-2850

Email: naumanncp@vcu.eduView bio

Carrie Naumann joined VCU in October 2012. She provides primary prospect research, management and strategy support to various campus partners. She also is helping support the growth of data analytics within the prospect development office. She received a B.A. in government and international relations from George Mason University and an M.P.A. and certificate in nonprofit management from VCU. Before joining VCU, Naumann worked in prospect research for a nonprofit consulting firm in New York City as well as for the marketing and communications department of the Metropolitan Opera. She is webmaster for the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement Virginia Chapter and has been involved with Women in Development, N.Y., New York Women’s Agenda, APRA Greater New York Chapter and the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Fundraising Day in New York. 

Ben Bromley [View Image]

Ben Bromley

Associate Director of Prospect Research

Phone: (804) 828-4546

Email: bsbromley@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 2014, Ben Bromley earned a B.A. in history and religious studies from the College of William & Mary and a M.S.I.S. in information science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His career has spanned different facets of managing information, having previously worked in special collections and archives for William & Mary and the Library of Virginia. 

Adrienne E. Robertson [View Image]

Adrienne E. Robertson

Sr. Prospect Research Analyst

Phone: 804-828-2862

Email: aerobertson2@vcu.eduView bio

Lindsay Rogillio [View Image]

Lindsay Rogillio

Assistant Director of Prospect Development

Phone: (804) 828-0808

Email: lrogillio@vcu.eduView bio

Rachael Taylor [View Image]

Rachael Taylor

Sr. Prospect Development Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-2043

Email: rftaylor@vcu.eduView bio


Gifts and Records Management

Mandy L. Smith [View Image]

Mandy L. Smith

Director of Gifts and Records Management

Phone: (804) 828-0348

Email: mlsmith4@vcu.eduView bio

Courtney Buckio Rowe (M.P.A.’08/GPA; M.B.A.’12/B; Cert.’15/B) [View Image]

Courtney Buckio Rowe (M.P.A.’08/GPA; M.B.A.’12/B; Cert.’15/B)

Senior Associate Director of Gifts and Records Management

Phone: (804) 828-2048

Email: cbrowe@vcu.eduView bio

Courtney Buckio Rowe, a member of the VCU team since 2007, has a B.A. in political science and Spanish from the University of North Carolina and an M.P.A. and an M.B.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University.

She has more than five years of development and prospect research experience. Most recently, she worked on managing various projects for the Advancement Services area of DAR. She joined VCU in June 2007, as a graduate research assistant in the prospect research area of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Previously, she spent nearly four years working for two local credit unions. 

Betty Palmer [View Image]

Betty Palmer

Compliance Coordinator

Phone: (804) 828-4222

Email: bapalmer@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the team since 2015, Betty Palmer has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Eastern Michigan University. She has held a variety of positions through the years, from automotive service and parts factory rep,  owning three family businesses and accounting management. 

Connie M. Rigsby [View Image]

Connie M. Rigsby

Manager of Data Integrity

Phone: (804) 828-0288

Email: cmrigsby@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 2011, Connie Rigsby has more than 20 years of experience in Advancement Services with an emphasis on IRS guidelines, CASE best practices, database management and data integrity, all while adhering to the intentions of donors. 

Heidi Hernandez (B.A.’10/H&S) [View Image]

Heidi Hernandez (B.A.’10/H&S)

Team Lead, Data Integrity Tech

Phone: (804) 828-9812

Email: hernandezht@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 2012, Heidi Hernandez has a B.A. in English from VCU. Her previous work experiences involved inventory control data management and sales auditing in the retail industry. 

Clevon Hall [View Image]

Clevon Hall

Data Integrity Tech

Email: cchall@vcu.eduView bio

Clevon Hall earned his B.A. in English and film studies from Randolph-Macon College in January 2017 and joined VCU in February 2017 as a data entry clerk. While a student, he worked as an assistant for the R-MC Office of College Advancement. 

Russell Johnson (B.S.’15/H&S) [View Image]

Russell Johnson (B.S.’15/H&S)

Operations Analyst

Email: johnsonrc5@vcu.eduView bio

Brenda L. Smith [View Image]

Brenda L. Smith

Data Integrity Tech

Phone: (804) 828-3774

Email: blsmith2@vcu.eduView bio

Khaleliah N. Williams [View Image]

Khaleliah N. Williams

Assistant Director of Gift Accounting

Phone: (804) 828-9430

Email: knwillia@vcu.eduView bio

Alicia Williams [View Image]

Alicia Williams

Transaction Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-0880

Email: awilliams47@vcu.eduView bio

Andrew Daniel [View Image]

Andrew Daniel

Fiscal Technician

Phone: (804) 828-0348

Email: danielam@vcu.eduView bio

Symanetta L. Powell [View Image]

Symanetta L. Powell

Transaction Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-2816

Email: slpowell@vcu.eduView bio

Deveney Drew [View Image]

Deveney Drew

Transaction Analyst

Email: ddrew3@vcu.eduView bio

Melanie Riezner [View Image]

Melanie Riezner

Gift Accounting Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-5019

Email: mriezner@vcu.eduView bio

Melanie Riezner joined the VCU team in 2015 as a transaction analyst. She has a B.S. in psychology from the University of Houston. Before relocating to Virginia, she spent 17 years at a Houston nonprofit in various roles, including director of gift records.



Brogan King [View Image]

Brogan King

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Phone: (804) 828-0632

Email: beking@vcu.eduView bio


Information Systems

Rob Downs (M.S.’06/B) [View Image]

Rob Downs (M.S.’06/B)

Director of DAR Information Systems

Phone: (804) 828-0421

Email: rmdowns@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team for more than 10 years, Rob Downs has a B.S. from James Madison University and an M.S. from VCU. He was worked in VCU Technology Services, Creative Services and Advancement Services in all aspects of web and technology. 

Nate Parker (B.S.’10/B) [View Image]

Nate Parker (B.S.’10/B)

Senior Associate Director of CRM Development

Phone: (804) 827-4587

Email: parkerjn2@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 2011, Nate Parker earned a B.S. in information systems with a concentration in application development from VCU in 2010. He is part of the team that implemented the new DAR online giving and event database, systems and websites. 

Matthew E. Chitty (B.S.’01/B) [View Image]

Matthew E. Chitty (B.S.’01/B)

Application Developer

Phone: (804) 828-9853

Email: mechitty@vcu.eduView bio

Sam Giacco Jr. [View Image]

Sam Giacco Jr.

Application Developer

Phone: (804) 828-7025

Email: sgiacco@vcu.eduView bio

Jenny J. Yoo [View Image]

Jenny J. Yoo

Application Developer

Phone: (804) 827-4589

Email: jjyoo@vcu.eduView bio

Matt Kane (B.F.A.’06/A; Cert.’09/B; M.S.’17/B) [View Image]

Matt Kane (B.F.A.’06/A; Cert.’09/B; M.S.’17/B)

Assistant Director of Data Management and Analytics

Phone: (804) 828-0462

Email: kanemj@vcu.eduView bio

Gordon Blum [View Image]

Gordon Blum

Data Analyst

Phone: (804) 828-4739

Email: blumg@vcu.eduView bio

Allen Fournier [View Image]

Allen Fournier

SQL Report Developer

Phone: (804) 828-5160

Email: afournier@vcu.eduView bio

Jazmine Gordon [View Image]

Jazmine Gordon

Data Analyst

Phone: (804) 972-3986

Email: gordonjs@vcu.eduView bio

Jeff Green (B.F.A.’08/A) [View Image]

Jeff Green (B.F.A.’08/A)

Web Developer

Email: greenjc@vcu.eduView bio

Jeff Green joined the VCU team as a web developer in 2014. His main responsibilities include event registration and giving forms as well as maintaining and developing the VCU Alumni website, DAR support website and DAR intranet. He has a B.F.A. in graphic design from VCU and worked previously as a graphic designer and web developer.  

Matt Yopp [View Image]

Matt Yopp

Assistant Director of Desktop and Systems Support

Phone: (804) 828-5315

Email: mdyopp@vcu.eduView bio

Matt Yopp, who joined the VCU team in 2012, has a B.A. from Collins College and holds A+ Certification and HDI CSR Certification. He has 10 years experience in IT and related technology fields. 

William “Chris” Faris [View Image]

William “Chris” Faris

Desktop and Systems Engineer

Phone: (804) 828-2285

Email: wcfaris2@vcu.eduView bio

William "Chris" Faris joined Advancement Services in 2016 as a desktop support technician. Faris has more than 10 years' experience in the IT support field and holds Network+ and HDI CSR certifications. 

Strategic Marketing and Engagement

Melanie Irvin (B.S.’96/MC) [View Image]

Melanie Irvin (B.S.’96/MC)

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Engagement

Phone: (804) 828-3975

Email: irvinms@vcu.eduView bio

In 2019, Melanie Irvin was named assistant vice president of Strategic Marketing and Engagement, a new division in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations that brings together Annual Giving, DAR Communications and Donor Relations and Events. Previously, Irvin lead the DAR Communications team for 13 years. Before arriving at VCU, Irvin spent nine years at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She holds a bachelor degree in mass communications with a double major in political science from VCU, where she was executive editor of the thrice-weekly Commonwealth Times, and is a 2012 graduate of the VCU Leadership Development Program at the Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute. In 2011, she won an Emmy for her work on an institutional philanthropy commercial, “Invest in VCU.” 

Caleb Nathaniel Capaz, CAPM (B.A.'16/H&S; M.P.A.’17/GPA) [View Image]

Caleb Nathaniel Capaz, CAPM (B.A.'16/H&S; M.P.A.’17/GPA)

Senior Project Manager and Solutions Administrator

Phone: (804) 827-4590

Email: capazcn@vcu.eduView bio

Caleb Capaz received an M.P.A. from VCU in 2017, directly following a B.A. in political science in 2016. Capaz has previously worked for VCU's Honors College, as a VCU UCI Worlds Ambassador and as a VCU student orientation leader.

As the senior project manager, Capaz strives to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of Strategic Marketing and Engagement while also acting as a chief of staff. Other duties include strategic planning for the department and the implementation of new systems. Capaz has earned recognition by the Project Management Institute as a certified associate of project management. 

Annual Giving

Michael P. Andrews (M.S.’05/E) [View Image]

Michael P. Andrews (M.S.’05/E)

Executive Director of Annual Giving

Phone: (804) 828-0236

Email: andrewsmp@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU staff since 2006, Michael P. Andrews earned a B.S. from Hofstra University and a master's from VCU. After seven years of business-to-business sales and marketing experience with two Fortune 500 companies, he transitioned into higher education. Today, his primary focus is generating annual fund revenue streams through direct marketing via mail, phone, digital, crowdfunding and emerging technology strategies.

He excels in multichannel marketing, emphasizing alumni engagement and fundraising. In August 2011, Andrews split responsibilities with the College of Humanities and Sciences and Development and Alumni Relations to build the university's first centralized annual giving office. In 2012-2013, Andrews was instrumental in building out a 19-center, on-site call center known as the Gold Line. It continues to be the most successful tool in the effort to attract alumni donors.

Since his arrival in DAR, Andrews has been the catalyst for increasing alumni participation donors by 42 prcent (8,064 in FY12 to 11,469 in FY18). That increase in alumni donors also helped to increase alumni annual giving revenue to from $12.7 million in FY12 to $40.1 million in FY18.

In 2013, Andrews received an Emmy award for his role in producing the "Invest in VCU" TV spot. In February 2016, under his direction, the annual giving office received Platinum and Gold honors from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. In April 2016, Andrews earned a merit award in the CASE category of Brief Events and Observances for the Battle for the Capital Alumni Giving Challenge. 

Jenna Baer Hart (B.S.’06/B) [View Image]

Jenna Baer Hart (B.S.’06/B)

Director of Annual Giving Outreach

Phone: (804) 828-0232

Email: jbhart@vcu.eduView bio

Jenna Hart joined VCU in August 2014 as associate director of annual giving. She works to increase alumni participation by focusing annual giving operations on retaining, renewing and acquiring alumni donors. She earned a B.S. in business administration and management from Virginia Commonwealth University and a master's in human resource management from the University of Richmond. She spent five years working at the University of Richmond, where she managed direct mail, email and social media annual solicitations for the undergraduate alumni population. She also recruited, trained and motivated more than 250 alumni volunteers who worked toward the university's class giving goal of $2 million annually. 

Jessie Pavlidis (M.S.’19/B) [View Image]

Jessie Pavlidis (M.S.’19/B)

Project Coordinator

Phone: (804) 827-2664

Email: pavlidisjl@vcu.eduView bio

Jessie Pavlidis has been a member of the DAR team since May 2015. She has a B.A. in communication from Virginia Tech and an M.S. in business from VCU. Her duties include working with campus partners on their annual giving solicitations, coordinating mailings and organizing and implementing an approach for each area to achieve its annual giving goals. She also manages the Igniter crowdfunding platform.   

Development and Alumni Communications

Kristen Caldwell (B.S.’94/MC) [View Image]

Kristen Caldwell (B.S.’94/MC)

Senior Director, DAR Communications

Phone: (804) 828-3977

Email: kcaldwell2@vcu.eduView bio

Kristen Caldwell joined VCU in 2006 as a managing editor and assistant creative director in University Relations before joining the DAR Communications team in 2015. In her role of associate director of development and alumni marketing and communications, she manages the VCU Alumni magazines, Shafer Court Connections and Scarab; writes and develops communications for membership campaigns and alumni events; and sets strategy for social media. She holds a bachelor's degree in mass communications from VCU. 

Judy Arginteanu [View Image]

Judy Arginteanu

Copy Editor

Email: arginteanj@vcu.eduView bio

Katie Buzby (B.S.’10/B) [View Image]

Katie Buzby (B.S.’10/B)

Director of Constituent Marketing

Email: kdbuzby@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the DAR team since 2011, Katie Buzby leads the team of constituent marketing associates who interact with all campus partners to execute DAR-related business communications. She is responsible for coordination, scheduling and quality control for alumni and donor emails, direct mail and event communications. She earned a B.S. in marketing with a minor in Spanish language from VCU in 2010. Buzby won the DAR Spirit Award in 2015. 

Joshua Cross [View Image]

Joshua Cross

Communications Analyst

Phone: 804-827-0653

Email: jcross5@vcu.eduView bio

Joshua Cross joined VCU in March 2018 as communications analyst. He graduated with a B.S. in Information Science from Christopher Newport University in 2010. Before joining DAR, he was in the inaugural class of University Fellowship Program at Christopher Newport and later was responsible for maintaining the database used in communicating with prospective students. 

Brendan Hood (B.S.’15/B; Cert.’15/DVC; M.B.A.’19/B) [View Image]

Brendan Hood (B.S.’15/B; Cert.’15/DVC; M.B.A.’19/B)

Associate Director of Constituent Marketing

Phone: (804) 827-3574

Email: hoodbp@vcu.eduView bio

Brendan Hood, a member of the DAR team since 2015, supports DAR's campus partners in their efforts to engage constituents through strategic marketing and communications. Hood consults with partners on multichannel strategies, ensures consistent messaging and coordinates projects through VCU’s CRM, RADAR. He holds a B.S. in marketing and an M.B.A. from VCU, where he was president of the student alumni association and student representative to the university's Board of Visitors. 

Daniel Serafin [View Image]

Daniel Serafin

Constituent Marketing Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-0880

Email: serafind@vcu.eduView bio

Kyle Springer (B.F.A.’15/A) [View Image]

Kyle Springer (B.F.A.’15/A)

Creative Content Specialist

Email: springerkb@vcu.eduView bio

Mitchell Moore (B.S.’07/MC; M.S.’08/E) [View Image]

Mitchell Moore (B.S.’07/MC; M.S.’08/E)

Director of Creative Content

Phone: (804) 827-3617

Email: mooreml3@vcu.eduView bio

Mitchell Moore joined DAR Communications in January 2014. In his current role, he serves as creative director for all donor and alumni digital and print productions, including Impact donor magazine, Shafer Court Connections and Scarab alumni magazines, direct mail solicitations, donor events and alumni programming. Moore has worked as part of multiple CASE award-winning productions, including a Grand Award for graphic design of a donor impact report in 2016. Before joining DAR, he spent six years in the VCU Athletics Communications office as a graphic designer and primary media relations contact for six intercollegiate sports. Moore holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and a master’s in recreation, parks and sport leadership from VCU. 

Terri Curtis [View Image]

Terri Curtis

Assistant Director of Creative Content

Phone: (804) 828-1223

Email: tlcurtis@vcu.eduView bio

Terri Curtis is a leading graphic designer with a passion for higher education design. In 2015, she joined VCU as a creative content assistant. In DAR, Curtis visually reaches out to alumni, donors, friends and colleagues. Previously, Curtis worked for Virginia State University, contributing her diverse design and marketing skills for several campaigns. She holds a bachelor's of fine arts degree in graphic design from VSU and was named Better Creative Directors on the VSU homepage in 2014 to promote the graphic design program. Curtis received a Master of Professional Studies in the Business of Art and Design (M.P.S. BAD) from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2019. 

Desiree Charity (B.S.’17/MC) [View Image]

Desiree Charity (B.S.’17/MC)

Creative Content Specialist

Phone: (804) 827-2349

Email: charityd@vcu.eduView bio

Jud Froelich [View Image]

Jud Froelich

Creative Content Coordinator

Phone: (804) 828-5563

Email: ajfroelich@vcu.eduView bio

Brelyn Powell [View Image]

Brelyn Powell

Donor Communications Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-3797

Email: blpowell@vcu.eduView bio

Brelyn Powell joined VCU in 2016. As donor communications specialist, she writes feature articles for Impact, the magazine for donors and friends of VCU, as well as articles for DAR’s campaign giving news site. She graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2014 with a B.A. in English with a concentration in writing, and she has maintained a focus on writing for public relations, development and civic engagement throughout her education and career. 


Digital Engagement

Rob Reid [View Image]

Rob Reid

Director of Digital Engagement

Phone: (804) 827-0632

Email: rjreid@vcu.eduView bio

Rob Reid joined VCU in 2016 as media director for University Relations, where he developed media strategies and managed the paid advertising budget for the Make it real. undergraduate recruitment campaign. In 2018, he joined the Office of Annual Giving team as a digital fundraising strategist and is now director of digital engagement for strategic marketing and engagement. As part of DAR, his primary responsibilities are to develop data-driven strategies that increase engagement and giving through digital media.

Reied earned a B.S in communications from the University of Tennessee and has worked in various media-planning and buying roles at ndp, RightMinds, Cavalier Telephone and S&K Menswear. He has also been active in the advertising community, serving on the board of directors of the Advertising Club of Richmond as president and treasurer. 

Anthony Langley (B.S.’16/MC) [View Image]

Anthony Langley (B.S.’16/MC)

Digital Media Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-0022

Email: langleyat@vcu.eduView bio

Anthony Langley joined DAR Communications in October 2015 and earned his B.S. in public relations from VCU’s Robertson School of Media and Culture in 2016. During his time as a student, he helped design public relations campaigns for the Central Virginia Emergency Management Alliance and the Virginia Department of Social Services.  He is responsible for researching and writing articles for the alumni magazine, website, and monthly e-newsletter, as well as helping to develop social media strategies and campaigns. 

Donor Relations and Events

Anne Hoffler [View Image]

Anne Hoffler

Executive Director, Donor Relations and Events

Phone: (804) 828-3383

Email: aahoffle@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 1999, Anne Hoffler has a B.A. and an M.Ed., both from the College of William & Mary. She has 25 years of experience in stewardship, donor relations and university special events. 

Jenn Papenfuse (M.P.A.’06/GPA; Cert.’06/GPA) [View Image]

Jenn Papenfuse (M.P.A.’06/GPA; Cert.’06/GPA)

Senior Director, Stewardship Programs

Phone: (804) 828-0745

Email: jbpapenfuse@vcu.eduView bio

A member of the VCU team since 2004 (she started as a student worker), Jenn Papenfuse has a B.A. from the University of Virginia and an M.P.A. from VCU.

She won the DAR Team Spirit Award in 2012. 

Anita D. Yearwood (B.S.’06/H&S; Cert.’14/GPA; M.P.A.’14/GPA) [View Image]

Anita D. Yearwood (B.S.’06/H&S; Cert.’14/GPA; M.P.A.’14/GPA)

Director of Stewardship Events

Phone: (804) 828-2875

Email: adyearwood@vcu.eduView bio

As director of stewardship events in the Office of Donor Relations, Anita Yearwood is the lead event planner for strategic, creative, universitywide and other donor stewardship events. She comes from the VCU Institute for Contemporary Art, where she had served as special events manager since 2016. She has more than 13 years of special event planning/strategy experience.   

Debrielle K. Williams (B.S.’13/H&S) [View Image]

Debrielle K. Williams (B.S.’13/H&S)

Assistant Director of Stewardship Operations

Phone: (804) 828-2049

Email: williamsd8@vcu.eduView bio

Debrielle Williams joined the VCU DAR staff while still an undergraduate in 2012. She previously served as an administrative assistant to the development coordinator at the nonprofit Greater Richmond SCAN. She obtained her bachelor's degree in sociology from VCU in 2013. 

Stephanie Monn (M.B.A.’19/B) [View Image]

Stephanie Monn (M.B.A.’19/B)

Assistant Director of Donor Engagement Events

Phone: (804) 827-8247

Email: smonn@vcu.eduView bio

Stephanie Monn plans regional and presidential-level salon events with regional giving, principal giving and VCU Alumni. She comes from the VCU School of Pharmacy, where she had served as gift stewardship and special events coordinator since 2016. She has worked in nonprofit business strategy, marketing and customer service for more than 10 years. She holds an M.B.A. from VCU and holds a B.S. in marketing and management from Portland State University.  

Kyra Molinaro (M.Ed.'21/E; Cert.'21/GPA) [View Image]

Kyra Molinaro (M.Ed.'21/E; Cert.'21/GPA)

Stewardship Communications Specialist

Phone: (804) 828-3858

Email: kjmolinaro@vcu.eduView bio

Kyra Molinaro elevates VCU’s major donor relationships by managing universitywide stewardship communications. She collaborates with the Office of the President to produce presidential gift acknowledgements and strategic donor correspondence. She also oversees stewardship-focused editorial projects, including donor impact books, giving news features, special occasion mailings and event communications. Her work has received honors from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

Kyra holds an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and a post-baccalaureate certificate in nonprofit management from VCU, as well as a B.A. in journalism from Elon University. In her spare time, Kyra is an award-winning freelance writer whose work frequently appears in Richmond magazine’s sister publications, R•Home and Richmond Bride. 

Nena Huss [View Image]

Nena Huss

Donor Relations Project Manager

Phone: (804) 827-4570

Email: nlhuss@vcu.eduView bio


Budget and Finance

Henry Davis III [View Image]

Henry Davis III

Director of Finance and Budget

Phone: (804) 828-5142

Email: hdavis8@vcu.eduView bio

Henry Davis joined VCU in June 2014 as director of finance and budget.

A licensed C.P.A. in Virginia, Davis spent 10 years as controller at GRTC followed by three years as CFO. He was responsible for a $45 million operating budget and a $9 million capital budget.

Davis earned a bachelor's in commerce with a concentration in accounting from the University of Virginia. 

Lutie Hanson (B.A.’89/H&S) [View Image]

Lutie Hanson (B.A.’89/H&S)

Assistant to the Director of Finance and Budget

Phone: (804) 828-1219

Email: llhanson@vcu.eduView bio


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