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No matter where you come from or where you plan to go, our campus and curriculums are designed for your success. You can come here, gain experience, explore your options and prepare to make a bigger impact — with a degree under your belt and one of the nation’s top research universities by your side.

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Quick Fact

12.8% above the national 4-year public graduation rate

Everyone’s goals are valuable. We make them achievable.

Whether you want to start a practice, star on Broadway or make a groundbreaking discovery, there’s a way to make it happen at VCU. Here are a few of our strengths.

VCU Arts students Caitlyn Sharlette and Keanna Kogut painting a Fashion inspired mural [View Image]


Creativity spans our campus. The ability to bring new ideas to the table is a valuable skill for any discipline.Dr. Wenheng Zhang's garden at VCU [View Image]


Whether you want to get published in academic journals or Forbes magazine, we’ve got a project for you.VCU Health giving a kidney transplant with robotic surgery [View Image]


VCU Medical Center was ranked the No. 2 hospital in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report in 2020.Master of Product Innovation students working on a more efficient air pump, VCU da Vinci Center [View Image]


With over 200 programs and a city rich with creativity, you’ve got a recipe to reimagine your world.

Success is around every corner

Everyone has the potential to do amazing things at Virginia Commonwealth University. In fact, 17% of VCU students improve their income by two quartiles — the highest increase among universities on the East Coast. It’s about broadening your horizons. And taking action now.

It’s not too late to apply.

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