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Set your life in motion

The first steps are usually the hardest, but they’re not so hard to overcome. We welcome over 4,000 new students each year, providing guidance and support to help you get the most out of your experience.

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See how VCU helps you make moves

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School smarts and street smarts

The city is a great place to learn and a great place to unwind. Find inspiration on the bustling streets or solitude along the banks of the James.

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We walk the talk

Diversity and inclusion have been at the foundation of our creative culture since day one. We don’t get hung up on differences. We learn how to make them strengths.

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Be the one

All it takes is one new contact or connection to level up. The energy is ambitious here, and you’ll find yourself constantly testing your comfort zone.

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Become part of the community

At VCU, you can gain hands-on experience as fast as you can get your hands up to volunteer. Build a resume, a network and a community all at the same time.

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The city transforms you

From day one you’re immersed in an exciting, urban environment that is constantly changing and full of opportunities.

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You’re not alone

To grow, you’ve got to be challenged. We’ve built a strong culture of support to keep you motivated and on track.

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Our professional networks run deep

As one of Virginia’s largest public universities, we’ve got connections everywhere. Meet important people and get started on your career.

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We care about health care

Our medical students provide patients with a level of care and compassion that you won’t find in other hospitals.

“Doing nothing is not a thing here.”

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We’ve got your program. Even if you don’t know it.

We’ve got over 200 programs to choose from and some of the best people to work with. Our faculty and staff are recruited from top industry positions. They help you find the right fit for your academic and professional careers. Learn more about our programs.

  • Arts
  • Social work
  • Medicine and health professions
  • Education
  • Business
  • Government and public affairs
  • Engineering
  • Humanities and sciences

Commit to change. Make it real.

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