Moving from one level to the next

To assure fulfillment of the VAIMH Endorsement requirements as specified, an endorsed member will notify (in writing) the intent to apply for endorsement at the next level of professional development with the following guidelines in mind:

Time-frame for application

  • Level I to Level II Minimum of 1 year from the date of Level I Endorsement
  • Level II to Level III Minimum of 1 year from the date of Level II Endorsement
  • Level III to Level IV Minimum of 3 years from the date of Level III Endorsement

Intent to apply

The burden of responsibility is on the endorsed member to inform the VAIMH Endorsement Coordinator in writing (not e-mail) of the intent to apply for endorsement at the next level of professional development. This should be done at least 6 months before intending to complete the process. This is particularly important to assure that all of the requirements are understood, that there is adequate time for preparation for the Endorsement exam at Levels III and IV, and that the professional portfolio is updated with new information pertinent to the candidate’s application, including contact information. The Endorsement Coordinator will (re)assign an IMH advisor to the endorsed member to answer questions and assist the applicant in the process. The applicant must demonstrate competency and all of the requirements as indicated for endorsement at that next level.

Note: All portfolio materials must be reviewed by the IMH Advisor and submitted to the VAIMH Endorsement Coordinator at least six weeks before the Endorsement exam is scheduled for Level III & IV candidates. A summary of requirements appears in the chart below.

Application and payment

An applicant who has earned the VAIMH Endorsement at Levels I, II or III does not need to pay an additional application fee. The fee for Endorsement is the difference between the fee paid at previous level and the current desired level:

  • Infant Family Associate (Level I) to Infant Family Specialist (Level II): $75
  • Infant Family Specialist (Level II) to Infant Mental Health Specialist (Level III) $110
  • Infant Mental Health Specialist (Level III) to Infant Mental Health Mentor (Level IV) $100

Endorsement Requirements

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