Peer-reviewed Publications

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202030J.H. Bracamonte, J.S. Wilson, J.S. Soares, Assessing Patient-Specific Mechanical Properties of Aortic Wall and Peri-Aortic Structures From In Vivo DENSE Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using an Inverse Finite Element Method and Elastic Foundation Boundary Conditions, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering (2020) 142:121011
 29R. Avazmohammadi, J.S. Soares, D.S. Li, T. Eperjesi, J. Pilla, R.C. Gorman, M.S. Sacks, On the in vivo systolic compressibility of left ventricular free wall myocardium in the normal and infarcted heart, Journal of Biomechanics (2020) 107:109767
201928R. Avazmohammadi, J.S. Soares, D.S. Li, S.S. Raut, R.C. Gorman, M.S. Sacks, A Contemporary Look at Biomechanical Models of Myocardium, Annual review of biomedical engineering (2019) 21:417-442
 27R. Avazmohammadi, E. Mediola, J.S. Soares, D.S. Li, Z. Chen, S. Merchant, E. Hsu, P. Vanderslice, R.A.F. Dixon, M.S. Sacks, A Computational Cardiac Model for the Adaptation to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in the Rat, Ann Biomed Eng (2019) 47: 138
201826R. Avazmohammadi, D.S. Li, T. Leahy, E. Shih, J.S. Soares, R.C. Gorman, M.S. Sacks, An Integrated Inverse Model-Experimental Approach to Determine Soft Tissue Three-Dimensional Strain Energy Density Function Parameters: Application to Post-Infarcted Myocardium, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (2018) 17:31-53
201725J.S. Soares, W. Zhang, M.S. Sacks, A mathematical model for the determination of forming tissue moduli in needled- nonwoven scaffolds, Acta Biomaterialia (2017) 51:220-236.
 24J.S. Soares, D.S. Li, E. Lai, J.H. Gorman III, R.C. Gorman, M.S. Sacks, Modeling of Myocardium Compressibility and its Impact in Computational Simulations of the Healthy and Infarcted Heart. in: Pop M., Wright G. (eds) Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart. FIMH 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10263. Springer, 2017, pp 493-501.
201623J. Park,* S Choi,* A.H. Janardhan, S.Y. Lee, S. Raut, J.S. Soares, K. Shin, S. Yang, C. Lee, K.W. Kang, H.R. Cho, S.J. Kim, P. Seo, W. Hyun, S. Jung, H.-J. Lee, N. Lee, , S.H. Choi, M.S. Sacks, N. Lu, M.E. Josephson, T. Hyeon, D.H. Kim, H.J. Hwang, Elasto-conductive epicardial mesh for electromechanical cardioplasty, Science Translational Medicine (2016) 8:344ra86.
 22A. D’Amore,* J.S. Soares,* J.A. Stella, W. Zhang, N.J. Amoroso, J.E. Mayer, Jr., W.R. Wagner, M.S. Sacks, Large strain stimulation enhances extracellular matrix production and stiffness in an elastomeric scaffold model, Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biological Materials (2016) 8:619-635.
 21J.S. Soares, K.R. Feaver, W. Zhang, D. Kamensky, A. Aggrawal, M.S. Sacks, Biomechanical behavior of heterograft biomaterials for bioprosthetic heart valves: characterization, simulation, and performance, Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology (2016) 7:309-351.
 20J.S. Soares, J.E. Moore Jr., Biomechanical challenges to polymeric biodegradable stents, Annals of Biomedical Engineering (2016) 44:560-579.
 19J.S. Soares, M.S. Sacks, A triphasic constrained mixture model of engineered tissue formation under in vitro dynamic mechanical conditioning, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (2016) 15:293-316.
201418D. Bluestein, J.S. Soares, P. Zhang, C. Gao, S. Pothapragada, N. Zhang, M. J. Slepian, Y. Deng, Multiscale modeling of flow induced thrombogenicity with dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) and molecular dynamics (MD), ASME Journal of Medical Devices (2014) 7:024502-2
 17W.C. Chiu, G. Girdhar, M. Xenos, Y. Alemu, J.S. Soares, S. Einav, M.J. Slepian, D. Bluestein, Thromboresistance Comparison of the HeartMate II Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) with the Device Thrombogenicity Emulation (DTE)-Optimized HeartAssist 5 VAD, ASME Journal of Biomechanical Engineering (2014) 136.
201316J.S. Soares, T.L. Bao, F. Sotiropoulos, M.S. Sacks, Modeling the role of oscillatory flow and dynamic mechanical conditioning on dense connective tissue formation in mesenchymal stem cell derived heart valve tissue engineering, ASME Journal of Medical Devices (2013) 7:040927-2.
 15T.E. Claiborne, M. Xenos, J. Sheriff, W.C. Chiu, J.S. Soares, Y. Alemu, S. Gupta, S. Judex, M.J. Slepian, D. Bluestein, Toward optimization of a novel trileaflet polymeric prosthetic heart valve via device thrombogenicity emulation (DTE), ASAIO Journal (2013) 59:275-283.
 14J.S. Soares, C. Gao, Y. Alemu, M. Slepian, D. Bluestein, Simulation of platelets suspension flowing through a stenosis model using a dissipative particle dynamics approach, Annals of Biomedical Engineering (2013) 41:2318-2333.
 13J. Sheriff, J.S. Soares, M. Xenos, J. Jesty, M.J. Slepian, D. Bluestein, Evaluation of shear-induced platelet activation models under constant and dynamic shear stress loading conditions relevant to devices, Annals of Biomedical Engineering (2013) 41:1279-1296.
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 11M.J. Slepian, Y. Alemu, G. Girdhar, J.S. Soares, R. Smith, S. Einav, D. Bluestein, The SynCardiaTM Total Artificial Heart: Review of in vivo, in vitro, and computational modeling studies, Journal of Biomechanics (2013) 46:266-275.
201210P. Zunino, S. Vesentini, A. Porpora, J.S. Soares, A. Gautieri, A. Redaelli, Multiscale computational analysis of degradable polymers, in: D. Ambrosi, A. Quarteroni, G. Rozza (Eds) Modeling of Physiological Flows, MS&A – Modeling, Simulation and Applications, Vol. 5, Springer, Milano, Italia, 2012, pp. 333-361.
20109J.S. Soares, S. Pasta, D.A. Vorp, J.E. Moore, Jr., Modeling in Cardiovascular Mechanics, International Journal of Engineering Science (2010) 48:1563-1575.
 8J.S. Soares, J.E. Moore, Jr., K.R. Rajagopal, Modeling of Deformation-Accelerated Breakdown of Polylactic Acid Biodegradable Stents, ASME Journal of Medical Devices (2010) 4:041007-10.
 7J.E. Moore, Jr., J.S. Soares, K.R. Rajagopal, Biodegradable stents: biomechanical modeling challenges and opportunities, Cardiovascular Engineering Technology (2010) 1:52-65.
 6J.S. Soares, P. Zunino, A mathematical model for water uptake, degradation, erosion, and drug release from polydisperse polymeric networks, Biomaterials (2010) 31:3032-3042.
 5J.S. Soares, K.R. Rajagopal, J.E. Moore, Jr., Deformation induced hydrolysis of a degradable polymeric cylindrical annulus, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology (2010) 9:177-186.
20094J.S. Soares, Bioabsorbable polymeric drug-eluting endovascular stents: a clinical review, Minerva Biotecnologica (2009) 21:217-230.
 3J.S. Soares, Diffusion of a fluid through a spherical elastic solid undergoing large deformations, International Journal of Engineering Science (2009) 47:50-63.
 2J.S. Soares, J.E. Moore, Jr., K.R Rajagopal, Constitutive Framework for biodegradable polymers with applications to biodegradable stents, ASAIO Journal (2008) 54:(3):295-301.
20071J.S. Soares, J.E. Moore, Jr., K.R. Rajagopal, Theoretical modeling of cyclically loaded biodegradable cylinders, in: F. Mollica, L. Preziosi, K.R. Rajagopal, (Eds), Modeling biological materials, Birkhauser, Boston, 2007, pp. 125-177.

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