Finance and Budget

914 West Franklin Street
P.O. Box 843076
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3076
Phone: (804) 828-6116 
Fax: (804) 828-0978

Contact list

Get in touch with staff in the Senior Vice President and CFO's office, or contact one of our units below. For guidance on who can help you, see areas of responsibility on our organizational chart [PDF].


Karol Kain Gray
Senior vice president and CFO
(804) 828-6116

Donna Thornburg
Special assistant
(804) 828-6116


Unit contacts

Budget, Analysis and Financial Planning

David Allen
Assistant Vice President, Budget, Analysis and Financial Planning
(804) 828-1584

Controller's Office/Foundation Services/Payroll
Patricia R. Perkins
Associate vice president for finance and budget
(804) 828-5474

Treasury Services
Denise Laussade
Treasurer and director
(804) 828-2134

Brenda Mowen
Project manager
(804) 828-3361

Business Services

Diane Reynolds*
Assistant vice president 
(804) 828-3430

Procurement Services
John McHugh
Director of Procurement Services
(804) 828-0033

*Contact for Dining Services, Mail Services, Trademarks and Licensing, and VCU Retail Services




Virginia Commonwealth University

Senior Vice President and CFO

914 West Franklin Street
Box 843076
Richmond, Virginia 23284-3076

Phone: (804) 828-6116

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