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Peace Corps Prep Certificate Program

[View Image]VCU Globe is a proud participant in the Peace Corps Prep Program.  Virginia Commonwealth University is one of a select number of institutions around the country that participates in the Peace Corps Prep Program. This academic and service initiative is designed to help students build cultural awareness and develop practical skills sought by the Peace Corps, other nonprofit organizations and global employers. Students who enroll in the Peace Corps Prep program will gain knowledge and experience that make them more competitive Peace Corps applicants.

Students currently enrolled in VCU Globe are eligible to participate in the Peace Corps Prep Program. This unique partnership is an ideal opportunity that meets the needs of students who are passionate about engaging with diverse cultures, increasing their global competency and serving their community. 

The university’s strategic plan, Quest for Distinction, aims to provide students with high-quality living-learning experiences that prepare them for success in a global environment. VCU’s partnership with the Peace Corps is an intentional step toward fulfilling that goal.


VCU Globe students in Mexico [View Image]Program Benefits

  • A formal partnership between the Peace Corps and VCU that allows VCU Globe students, who have strong interests in global citizenship, to prepare simultaneously for the Peace Corps.
  • Students who successfully complete the program gain knowledge and experience that make them more competitive Peace Corps applicants.
  • Participation in and completion of the Peace Corps Prep Program, as part of VCU Globe, demonstrates a sense of global awareness and compassion that many employers and graduate programs find attractive in their candidates.
  • All Peace Corps Prep Program graduates receive a signed certificate of completion from the Peace Corps.
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