Student Ambassador Program

The purpose of the Student Ambassador program is to promote awareness of the VCU Honors College to prospective high school students, as well as current VCU students and transfer students. The ambassadors attend a variety of events throughout the academic year to help promote diversity and inclusion, share the student experience of the Honors College and recruit high achieving students to the Honors College community.

*Denotes Guaranteed Admission Students

Alexandra Mihalski

Major: Craft and Material Studies, Minor: Painting & Printmaking and Art Historyread more

Alexzane Taylor

Major: Biology, Minor: Psychologyread more

Allen Shieh*

Major: Chemistry, Minor: Fashion Merchandisingread more

Anirban Mahanty

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistryread more

Anjali Ta*

Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minor: Englishread more

Anna Mitchell

Major: Music Educationread more

Brett Gailey

Major: Music Educationread more

Cara Chou

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Psychologyread more

Caroline Doskey*

Major: HPEX, Minor: Psychology, Pre-Physical Therapy trackread more

Emaan Dawood*

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Spanishread more

Hannah Balow*

Major: Nursing, Minor: Spanishread more

Isaiah Hicks

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, Pre-Pharmacy trackread more

Ishaan Nandwani*

Major: Spanish, Minor: Chemistryread more

Jack Wilson

Major: Business Management and Administration, Minor: Political Scienceread more

Joshua Rasure

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Mathematics and Environmental Studiesread more

Kaitlyn Harrison

Major: Mass Communications, Minor: Creative Writingread more

Kevin Babu*

Major: Chemistry, Minor: Spanish, Biologyread more

Linsey Martin*

Major: Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Scienceread more

MiJin Cho*

Major: English and Psychology, Minor: Chemistryread more

Myles Baldwin

Major: Music Performance, Minor: Political Scienceread more

Nicoleta Gavris

Major: Finance, Minor: Spanish and Marketing Insightsread more

Rebecca Blackford*

Major: Nursing, Minor: Psychologyread more

Schuyler Corrigan

Major: Fashion Merchandising, Minor: General Businessread more

Shaandro Sarkar

Major: Mathematics, Statisticsread more

Shea Wenzler

Major: Psychology, Minor: Political Scienceread more

Tessa Demarest

Major: Political Science, Urban Planning, Minor: Nonprofit Managementread more

Vanessa Atra

Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry, Psychologyread more

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