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Rebecca Blackford*

Major: Nursing, Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA

Favorite Honors Course: My favorite Honors course so far has been PHIL 201 (Critical Thinking about Moral Problems). I love this class because the information is so relevant to healthcare and social issues, and the professor gives us the tools to both argue our own perspective and also understand the arguments of other people. The class taught me to become a more logical thinker and writer, and has equipped me to think rationally about some of the toughest issues society faces.

Favorite Honors Memory: One of my favorite Honors memories is from the end of last year when a group of my friends, whom I had met while living in the Honors College, and I had an end of the year bonfire. We had all had a challenging semester academically, so to celebrate the end of finals and nursing admission decisions coming out, we got together to have s'mores and make hot dogs without stressing about anything. We had gotten so close over the past semester, and it was great to be able to hang out one more time before heading home after the first year of college.

Student Organizations: TA for Rhetoric, Small Group Leader for Catholic Campus Ministries, and President of Students for Life

Other: Guaranteed Admission Program for Nursing

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