GRTC has taken additional safety measures to help ensure the well-being of drivers and passengers during COVID-19. Some of their most recent safety efforts include: implementing enhanced daily bus cleaning procedures, installing sanitizer dispensers on all vehicles, redistributing buses from low-ridership routes to high-ridership local routes to help promote physical distancing, disinfecting high-traffic areas periodically with Steriphene aerosol disinfectant and encouraging more frequent staff testing. GRTC also requires all passengers to wear face masks or nose and mouth coverings while riding. Passengers without masks may be asked to exit the bus. You can learn more about how GRTC is responding to COVID-19 at

VCU-GRTC Safety Committee

VCU and GRTC have formed a joint safety committee with members from VCU Police, VCU Parking and Transportation and GRTC. Meetings are held quarterly with goals of promoting and maintaining the interest of the VCU community in regards to safety issues/concerns related to riding GRTC. If you would like to bring forth a safety concern for the committee to discuss, submit it using our  form.

VCU Resources

RamSafe and VCU Health System's security escort service remain available through VCU Parking and Transportation and VCU Police. Should a VCU student or employee ever feel unsafe, you are strongly encouraged to use these services.

RamSafe is an evening shuttle service for the Monroe Park Campus that runs from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily.

Security escort services are available on the MCV Campus, also from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m. daily, by calling 804-828-WALK. Students and employees on the MCV Campus traveling from VCU-affiliated buildings can request an escort ride to the GRTC bus stop at 12th and Broad streets. 

GRTC Safety Features

All GRTC buses have security cameras (audio and video) inside and outside the bus, with full visibility range. The footage from these cameras can assist with an investigation or safety concern. Additionally, all buses are equipped with several emergency buttons for the Operator to activate if needed, and are priority-based. In the event a passenger requires emergency assistance on-board, passengers should notify the Operator immediately. If the passenger cannot get to the Operator, the passenger should call 911 and tell the emergency responder the bus identification number (for example, Pulse bus 2010).

All Pulse platforms have an Emergency Call Box/Button that connects directly to 911 as well as live security cameras (video) showing all angles of the platform. Supervisors monitor these in real-time, and emergency responders can access them if needed.

GRTC Supervisors are stationed in the field to respond in a timely manner if there is a situation requiring additional assistance.


How to Ride GRTC

Note: During GRTC's zero-fare period, students and employees can ride GRTC without presenting a VCU ID card or GO Pass to the driver. Simply find your bus and ride!

Local and Express Routes:

  1. Tap your GRTC/VCU GO Pass on the blue lighted smart card area as you board the bus.
  2. Present your VCU, VCU Health System, or Virginia Premier issued ID card to the driver. Ensure the photo on your ID is visible.

The Pulse:

  1. Tap your GRTC/VCU GO Pass on the smart reader at the ticket vending machine located at the Pulse stop.
  2. Take the receipt from the tray.
  3. Present your receipt and VCU, VCU Health System, or Virginia Premier issued ID card to the enforcement officer upon boarding

A woman taking a receipt from the GRTC Pulse kiosk. [View Image]

Email for personalized assistance with planning your commute.


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