Disposal of Vehicles

In the event that a department needs to dispose of a vehicle, contact the Fleet Management team to let us know that the vehicle is no longer needed. We will make the determination regarding disposition of the particular vehicle. If no further use is determined, the vehicle will become surplus.

Once a vehicle has been deemed as surplus by Fleet Management, the vehicle will be taken out of service, and the following steps will be performed:

1. Vehicle is returned to Fleet Management.

2. If the vehicle is not drivable, or the department is unable to transport, the department should contact FMS, who will coordinate transport of the vehicle.

3. Vehicle will then be prepped for surplus, including removing of all decals and add-on equipment by FMS.

4. FMS will coordinate with VCU Facilities on posting surplus unit on GovDeals or alternate method.

Note: Any expenses for transportation to Fleet Management and prepping for surplus shall be charged to the using department assigned the vehicle at the time it was taken out of service.

Should you have any questions regarding vehicle disposal, contact us at fleet@vcu.edu.