Lost & Found

VCU Parking and Transportation maintains a separate lost and found inventory via the web application Crowdfind. The Crowdfind system is designed to make it easier for students, staff and visitors in the area to easily search electronic files for a lost item and file a claim for the item at any time from any device, once they are able to positively identify and confirm that the item belongs to them. 

Please note, Virginia Commonwealth University and the Commonwealth of Virginia do not assume responsibility for any vehicle or its contents while parked on university property or items left on RamSafe or RamRide vehicles.

Claim and Browse Lost Items


The Code of Virginia § 23.1-104 (Disposition of lost or abandoned property) requires that most items accepted into the university’s Lost and Found be kept for a minimum of 120 days if not claimed, unless otherwise specified below. After 120 days (4 months) have elapsed, the items are disposed of.

Logging Lost and Found Items:

Upon arrival, all items will be inventoried and logged into the applicable department’s Crowdfind database, which will list the date the item was turned in to the location, a description of the item, where the item was found, tagged with the appropriate reference number, photographed, and placed in a secure location. Items left on RamRide or RamSafe vehicles are turned in to customer service at the end of each driver's shift.

Note: In order to protect Personally Identifiable Information, lost and found items that contain personal identification (driver’s licenses, U.S. passports, ID cards, etc.) will not have a photo posted to the Crowdfind database.

Looking for an Item?

To inquire about a lost item that may be in our lost and found:

  1. Check the Crowdfind database for the lost item: https://vcu.v2.crowdfind.com/public/#!/vcuparking
  2. If your item isn’t listed in the facility’s database, please file a claim through Crowdfind (see below for further instructions)

Note: The physical lost and found inventory cannot be searched by anyone under any circumstances. Individuals may view the log of lost and found items at any time in the Crowdfind electronic database. Individuals must first provide an adequate description of the property and submit the completed claim form through the Crowdfind system before the physical item will be shown to the claimant.

Claiming an Item:

Individuals who have lost an item that is not listed in the facility’s inventory may file a claim through the Crowdfind system. Staff will contact the claimant within two (2) business days of the Crowdfind claim submission to update the claimant on the status of the lost property.

1. Individuals claiming an item in the Crowdfind database must complete the online claim form associated with the identified item by clicking on “details” under the item’s image and answering the required questions. To attempt to ensure that lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items must describe the item(s) as closely as possible and provide photo identification that matches the information filled out on the claim form submission. Items will not be shown to claimants until an adequate item description is provided.

2. A staff member will send a follow-up message to indicate a “match,” ask for additional information, or reject your claim if insufficient information is provided. Claims that remain without a “match” will be filed as “unmatched” and revisited after thirty (30) days have elapsed. If the claim remains “unmatched” after thirty (30) days, the claim will be rejected and archived in the Crowdfind system.

3. Once an item “match” has been made, claimants may pick up their item(s) at one of the two Parking and Transportation customer service offices (as noted in item description) Monday through Friday during normal business hours. The claimant’s contact information must be logged before any item(s) will be released.

Monroe Park Campus customer service office:

1108 West Broad Street, Suite A

Richmond, VA  23284

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

MCV Campus customer service office:

659 N. Eighth Street

Richmond, VA  23298

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m

Items Containing Cash or Identifying Information:

Items, such as wallets, containing cash, bank cards, identification cards, passports, etc., must be logged by the Customer Service staff member recipient. A second staff member must then verify the accuracy of the logged information. If the item was found after Customer Service hours, it will be stored in a safe until the following morning, at which point it will be taken to Customer Service and logged.

Items turned into the Customer Service office must be logged into the Crowdfind system and tagged with the appropriate reference number, the date and location of where the item was found, and the staff member who logged the item.


Items of Value that will be Picked Up by VCU Police Dept.:

  • Computers
  • Other electronics
  • Weapons
  • Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or other controlled substances
  • Bicycles
  • Jewelry (not including costume jewelry)


Items Not Accepted by Lost and Found:

  • Wet or soiled clothing or undergarments
  • Alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, etc., of any kind
  • Food items
  • Toiletries or powders
  • Full water bottles, coffee mugs or other liquid filled containers (must empty the container prior to bringing the item to Lost and Found)
  • Anything received that could cause potential harm or pose a health risk to staff members and/or property