General Steps in a VNOC Consultation

  • School division/agency submits a VNOC Request for Services Form to the VNOC Coordinator (Tracey Yurechko)
  • The VNOC Coordinator reviews the Request for Services Form as needed and gives the school division/agency the name of a consultant to contact.
  • NOTE:

    VNOC Request for Services Form must be signed by someone authorized to commit funds.
    School division/agency contacts the consultant to discuss the request. Changes many be made to the Request for Services Form as needed to clarify the request. Revised form should be sent to the VNOC Coordinator.
  • School division/agency negotiates fee for services with the Consultant. School division/agency may confer with the VNOC Coordinator to check on the fee scale being within reason.
  • Consultant speaks/meets with the person who signed the VNOC Services Request Form before providing service. That person should also be present if possible when consultant arrives to meet with the staff members (and parent) to discuss the purpose of the visit.
    • When the consultant speaks with the person who requested the service, fee, etc, the specific outcome requested on the intake form should be reviewed. Any further clarifications or changes may be made. Changes should be noted, dated and initialed.
  • Consultant completes a DRAFT report, which is reviewed by the VNOC Coordinator then the report is sent in DRAFT form to the school division/agency. A follow up meeting/call is scheduled to discuss the content of the draft report. (Is there anything the school division/agency thinks was missed, anything they think needs to be added?) This meeting must include the person who made the initial VNOC request and should include everyone who has been involved with the consultation especially the parents if possible.
  • When school division/agency and consultant are in agreement as to the report's contents, the consultant submits the final report with signature and invoice to school division/agency for payment.
  • School division/agency sends a request on school division/agency letterhead to the VNOC Coordinator indicating that:
    The school division/agency has paid (consultant’s name) $xxx (amount) or the VNOC Consultation completed on (date of the consult) and is applying to VNOC for reimbursement.

Appropriate documentation of their payment to the consultant for services is needed (i.e., copy of purchase order or cancelled check issued to the consultant). This reimbursement request must include the Fed. Tax ID number.

  • School division/agency completes an evaluation form on consultant services and sends to the VNOC Coordinator.
  • VNOC office issues reimbursement to school division/agency.
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