Geriatric Training and Education (GTE) Initiative

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The General Assembly of Virginia appropriated funds to develop the skills and capacities of the geriatrics workforce. The General Assembly designated the Virginia Center on Aging (VCoA) at Virginia Commonwealth University as administrator of these funds. In order to broaden the impact of these monies, VCoA established the Geriatric Training and Education (GTE) and issues a Request for Proposals from Virginia institutions of higher education, community-based organizations, and other not-for-profit groups with a strong history of adult and aging-related experience. Proposals are reviewed by an independent Third Party Panel. The number of awards that are made depends upon the availability of funds.


Delegate Jack Reid, the sponsor of the budget bill amendment in the 2006 session that launched this initiative, stated the purpose of this annual General Fund (GF) appropriation for the Virginia Geriatric Education Center as: “to continue geriatric education and training across Virginia for a wide range of professionals, including medicine, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and allied health, and for a variety of levels of service providers, from nursing aides and assistants in home care and long-term institutions, to clinicians in practice and instructors in higher education, …with the appropriation to be administered by the Virginia Center on Aging at Virginia Commonwealth University.” VCoA, in turn, broadened the use of these monies to include gerontological workforce development for others in aging-related services, with such awards being contingent on the availability of funds.