Parents & Guests

RamBucks Deposits

You can load funds onto a VCUCard cardholders RamBucks account online through at anytime! Before you begin, you must know the 16 digit VCUCard number on the front of your favorite Rams' account. If you do not know this number, ask them to login to send you a RamBucks Deposit Request to your email address.

Please click here to make a Guest Deposit.

You can also make a deposit by visiting a VCUCard Office Location. We accept cash and American Express, Discover, MasterCard or VISA credit cards. Sorry, we DO NOT accept personal checks.

Parent Consent Form

If your student does not have an official form of ID, you can sign a consent form for them. Print it out and bring it with you and your student so they can obtain their VCUCard.

Click the link to download and print a Parent Consent Form .

RamBucks Card

If you would like to use RamBucks while visiting VCU, you can purchase a RamBucks Card from any RamBucks Station or VCUCard Office.

Please click here for more information about RamBucks.

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