Seminars & Lectures

The Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics research seminars are a weekly event that provides faculty, graduate students and post doctoral scholars the opportunity to prevent interesting research topics to the Institute. Occasionally, special guest speakers and other lectures may also be scheduled. The research seminars are held every Thursday during the academic year from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the VIPBG Conference Room #160 at Biotech One.

idDateSeminar TitlePresenter
3822020-08-27Introduction to High Performance ClusterHelen Wang
3832020-09-03Predicting genetics of severe outcomes following C19 infection based on GWAS of comorbid conditionsSilviu-Alin Bacanu
3842020-09-10Integrating family and genomic methods to improve causal inferenceMichael Neale
3852020-09-17Multiplex Family Risk and Genome Sequencing in SchizophreniaBrien Riley
3862020-09-24Genetic and Cultural Transmission of Alcohol Use Disorders. Swedish Population Data AnalysisHermine Maes
3872020-10-01Resilience Research in VATSPSUD: an UpdateChristina Sheerin
3882020-10-08Replication & Discovery of Genetic Loci Associated with Alcohol Problems using Machine Learning Phenotype PredictionsBradley Todd Webb
3892020-10-15Intimate Partner Violence as a Prenatal Stressor: Consequences of the Mother-Child DyadAlytia Levendosky
3902020-10-22Genetic Epidemiology & Molecular genetics of (many) Complex TraitsNathan Gillespie
3912020-10-29Immunomethylomics and Early-Onset Major DepressionRoxann Roberson-Nay
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