Seminars & Lectures

The Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics research seminars are a weekly event that provides faculty, graduate students and post doctoral scholars the opportunity to prevent interesting research topics to the Institute. Occasionally, special guest speakers and other lectures may also be scheduled. The research seminars are held every Thursday during the academic year from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the VIPBG Conference Room #160 at Biotech One.

107 Sep 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
214 Sep 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
321 Sep 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
428 Sep 2017High Performance Computing Cluster – When and Why?Helen Wang
505 Oct 2017What's in a Polygenic Score?Jessica Salvatore
612 Oct 2017Practice job talk: Non-ordinary states of consciousnessJoshua Pritikin
719 Oct 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
826 Oct 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
902 Nov 2017*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
1009 Nov 2017Julia Computing SeminarSilviu-Alin Bacanu
1116 Nov 2017Quantitative Trait Locus for Voluntary Ethanol Consumption in Diversity Outbred MiceKristin Mignogna
1330 Nov 2017JEPEGMIX2: Novel pathway transcriptomics method greatly increases detection of molecular pathways in cosmopolitan cohortsChris Chatzinakos
1407 Dec 2017Co-Twin Design Reveals Regions of DNA Methylation Associated with Early-Onset Major DepressionRoxann Roberson-Nay
1514 Dec 2017DISTMIX2: imputing the summary statistics using a 32K reference panelSilviu-Alin Bacanu
1621 Dec 2017*** NO SEMINAR - WINTER BREAK ***
1728 Dec 2017*** NO SEMINAR - WINTER BREAK ***
1911 Jan 2018*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
2018 Jan 2018Bioinformatic analysis of an AD-associated lncRNABrien Riley
2125 Jan 2018Updates in genetic epidemiologic and molecular genetics studiesKenneth Kendler
2201 Feb 2018Resilience Research Line: Capitalizing on Existing DatasetsChristina Sheerin
2308 Feb 2018Modeling Intra-Individual Variability over Multiple TimescalesKevin McKee
2415 Feb 2018Adjustment for fixed effects in bivariate discrete probability distributions specialized to the classical twin modelRobert Kirkpatrick
2522 Feb 2018Genome-wide analyses of smoking behaviors in schizophrenia: Findings from the Psychiatric Genomics ConsortiumRoseann Peterson
2601 Mar 2018Penalized Mixed-Model Methods for Twin Studies with High-Dimensional Covariate SpacesAmanda Gentry
2708 Mar 2018Dynamic Processes in Depressive and Anxiety DisordersLance Rappaport
2815 Mar 2018Genetic and environmental contributions to types of peer victimization in childhood and adolescence.Meridith Eastman
2922 Mar 2018Updates on anxiety genetics research: From juvenile twins to GWAS.John Hettema
3029 Mar 2018Trauma-related Drinking: Updates from the Life Experiences and Alcohol Use StudyAnanda Amstadter
3105 Apr 2018Improvements of eQTL and pQTL predictions with focus on non-protein coding genomic regions.Huseyin Gedik
3212 Apr 2018Methods for integrating whole-genome DNA methylation and gene expression arraysEva Lancaster
3319 Apr 2018What is environment, and how do we measure it?Dana Lapato
3426 Apr 2018Quantifying Functional Impairment ResilienceRuth Brown
3503 May 2018Psychopathic traits and impaired recognition of others' distress.Ashlee Moore
3610 May 2018Finding my 'brand' - Insights from a 3rd year trainee.Jessica Bourdon
3717 May 2018*** NO SEMINAR - CANCELLED ***Michael Neale
3824 May 2018Contributions of common genetic variants to schizophrenia risk in individuals with African and Latino ancestryTim Bigdeli
3931 May 2018*** NO SEMINAR - CANCELLED ***Chelsea Sawyers
4007 Jun 2018Analyzing Swedish population data: from smoking during pregnancy to school achievement and criminal behaviorHermine Maes
4114 Jun 2018Whole Genome Sequencing of Schizophrenia in IrelandMohammad Ahangari
4221 Jun 2018*** NO SEMINAR - BGA CONFERENCE ***
4328 Jun 2018*** NO SEMINAR - CANCELLED ***Bradley Webb

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