Seminars & Lectures: 2016-2017

108 Sep 2016*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
215 Sep 2016*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
322 Sep 2016Genetic Subtyping of Schizophrenia and Major Depressive DisorderSilviu-Alin Bacanu
429 Sep 2016Voluntary Ethanol Consumption in Diversity Outbred Mice and Progenitor StrainsKristin Mignogna
506 Oct 2016*** NO SEMINAR – NO PRESENTER ***
613 Oct 2016VIPBG Higher Performance Computing Cluster – When and Why?Helen Wang
720 Oct 2016*** NO SEMINAR - ASHG Conference ***
827 Oct 2016*** NO SEMINAR - NO PRESENTER ***
903 Nov 2016*** NO SEMINAR - WCPG Conference ***
1010 Nov 2016Pregnancy and risk for drug abuse, influences on depressive symptoms and a novel approach to subgrouping psychiatric disorders by personal and familial cognitive performance.Kenneth Kendler
1117 Nov 2016Data-Driven Subtypes of DepressionHanna Van Loo
1301 Dec 2016Have you heard this one? A psychiatrist, a geneticist, and an epidemiologist walk into a bar...Briana Mezuk
1408 Dec 2016Confidence intervals for a parameter with an upper or lower boundJoshua Pritikin
1515 Dec 2016An Update on Genetic and Neuroimaging Analyses on Binge Drinking Subtypes in the S4S SampleMegan Cooke
1622 Dec 2016Linking large-scale genetic data with smaller, laboratory-based studies.Christina Sheerin
1729 Dec 2016*** NO SEMINAR - WINTER BREAK ***
1805 Jan 2017Use of summary statistics to test for association between gene expression and trait.Chris Chatzinakos
1912 Jan 2017Longitudinal Associations between Maternal and Youth Internalizing Symptoms.Ruth Brown
2019 Jan 2017Genome-wide survival analysis of age at onset of Major Depression DisorderHuseyin Gedik
2126 Jan 2017A Genome-wide Meta-Analytic Study of Smoking Behavior in AdolescenceHermine Maes
2202 Feb 2017Clarifying CO2 HypersensitivityLance Rappaport
2309 Feb 2017Genetic Analyses of Tobacco Use Behaviors: Trials, Tribulations, and Lessons Learned from an Ethnically Diverse University SampleElizabeth Do
2416 Feb 2017Exploring the genetics of sleep disturbances and depression in CONVERGEMackenzie Lind
2523 Feb 2017Assessing Rare Functional Variation in Human Alcohol Use DisordersJeffry Alexander
2602 Mar 2017Tilting at Windmills: My Quixotic Devotion to the Genetics of the SREAlexis Edwards
2709 Mar 2017Rare variants: Why we’re all doomed!Bradley Webb
2816 Mar 2017Drinking motives and anxiety in the Spit for Science studyJeanne Savage
2923 Mar 2017More Simulation Results from Structural Equation Modeling with Genomic-Relatedness Matrices in OpenMxRobert Kirkpatrick
3030 Mar 2017Updates on the VCU Juvenile Anxiety StudyJohn Hettema
3106 Apr 2017The ABCD Study and MethodsMichael Neale
3213 Apr 2017Reproducibility and Rigor in Biomedical ResearchDana Lapato
3320 Apr 2017Research Ethics and GIFs (Genetic Incidental Findings)Jill Opalesky
3427 Apr 2017Environmental stressors and the biological stress response among adolescents.Meridith Eastman
3504 May 2017Callous-Unemotional Traits in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults: A Dissertation Update.Ashlee Moore
3611 May 2017Service Utilization and Mental Health at VCU ... aka What the Heck is the TPMH? ... aka #MarchForScienceJessica Bourdon
3718 May 2017The moderating role of environmental influences on polygenic risk for alcohol use.Elizabeth Long
3825 May 2017Genetic Mapping of Voluntary Ethanol Consumption in Diversity Outcross MiceKristin Mignogna
3901 Jun 2017Molecular genetic analysis subdivided by adversity exposure reveals etiologic heterogeneity in major depression.Roseann Peterson
4008 Jun 2017Modeling Psychological Dynamics and Random EventsKevin McKee
4115 Jun 2017RNA isolation: Overview and ConsiderationsEric Vornholt
4222 Jun 2017*** NO SEMINAR - BGA Conference ***

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