Computational Facilities

High Performance Computing Cluster

VIPBG maintains a Linux cluster with 472 processors configured as dual 6-core or dual quad core nodes. Each node has 128-256 GB RAM and Intel Xeon 3.6GHz processors. All nodes are connected via 20Gb/second Infiniband switch to a centralized network storage with 600 TB capacity with mirroring and backup. The cluster is regularly upgraded to increase the number and performance of its compute nodes and disk space.

University Computing Center

VCU’s Center for High Performance Computing offers additional campus-wide computing resources:

  • with ~2480 64 bit AMD compute cores, each with 2-4 GB RAM/core and 20 GB/second Infiniband architecture.
  • with ~764 AMD 64 bit cores, each with a minimum of 2 GB RAM/core; 1 TB total RAM and 2 TB of /home space with local space of 50-164 GB per node.
  • iwith ~244 Opteron 64 bit cores, each with 2 GB RAM/core; 6 TB of /home space and /tmp space of 180 GB/node with 10 GB Ethernet networking.
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