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Featured Student: Mackenzie Lind

Mackenzie Lind is a 3rd year MD/PhD student in the Psychiatric, Behavioral, and Statistical Genetics PhD program. Mackenzie has always been interested in the biological influences of behavior, particularly sleep and sleep problems. As an undergraduate, she pursued her interests from a neurobiological perspective, earning a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience. Upon graduation, she furthered her research experience through a Fulbright Grant in Helsinki, Finland, where she studied sleep physiology. She then decided to complete the PhD ... Continue Reading →


Females more at genetic risk for developing insomnia than males, VCU study suggests

Genes may contribute more to the development of insomnia symptoms in females than in males, according to a new study led by a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate student.

Drawing on pre-existing data from the Virginia Adult Twin Studies of Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders (VATSPSUD), a large data set collected by VCU psychiatry professor Kenneth S. Kendler, M.D., Mackenzie Lind found evidence that the heritability of insomnia could be higher for females than it is for males, suggesting that genes influence ... Continue Reading →