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This page contains a list of peer-reviewed published articles with Dr. Michael Neale as either author or co-author. The papers are organized by publication date, beginning with his earliest works. Please note however, that many journals specifically prohibit the publication of the final form of papers which have been submitted to them, unless the availability of that publication is limited to peers within the same organization.

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Book Chapters (in chronological order)

  1. Eaves, L.J., Hewitt, J.K., Meyer, J.M. & Neale, M.C. (1990) Approaches to the quantitative genetic modeling of development and age-related changes. In M. Hahn, J.K. Hewitt, N.D. Henderson & R. Benno (Eds.) Genes, Development and Behavior Oxford: OUP. [Fulltext PDF]
  2. Kendler, K.S., Neale, M.C., Heath, A.C., Kessler, R.C. & Eaves, L.J. (1991) Life Events and depressive symptoms: a twin study perspective. In P. McGuffin & R.M. Murray (Eds.) The New Genetics of Mental Illness London: Butterworth Heinemann [Fulltext PDF]
  3. Maes, H., Beunen, G., Vlietinck, R., Neale, M.C., Claessens, A., Lefevre, J., Lysens, R., Pince, I., Van Den Bossche, C. & Van den Eynde, B. (1992) Univariate genetic analysis of physical characteristics of 10-year-old twins and their parents. In: J. Coudert, E. van Praagh (Eds.) Children and Exercise XVI, Pediatric Work Physiology, Methodological, physiological and pathological aspects Paris: Masson [Fulltext PDF]
  4. Eaves, L.J., Silberg, J.L., Hewitt, J.K., Meyer, J.M., Rutter, M., Simonoff, E., Neale, M.C. & Pickles, A. (1993) Genes, personality and psychopathology: a latent class analysis of symptoms of attention-de cit hyperactivity disorder in twins. In: R. Plomin & G.E. McClearn (Eds.) Nature, Nurture & Psychology Washington D.C.: American Psychological Association [Fulltext PDF]
  5. Neale, M.C. & Eaves, L.J. (1995) Research design and methods to study the genetic epidemiology of obesity. In: D.B. Allison & F.X. Pi-Sunyer (Eds.) Obesity Treatment New York: Plenum Press [Fulltext PDF]
  6. Neale, M.C. (1998) Adoption studies. In P. Armitage & T. Colton (Eds) Encyclopedia of Biostatistics. New York: John Wiley. [Fulltext PDF]
  7. Neale, M.C. (1998) Twin analysis. In P. Armitage & T. Colton (Eds) Encyclopedia of Biostatistics.New York: John Wiley. [Fulltext PDF]
  8. Neale, M.C. (1998) Modeling interaction and nonlinear effects with Mx: A general approach. In: G. Marcoulides & R. Schumacker Interaction and Non-linear Effects in Structural Equation Modeling pp. 43-61. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates [Fulltext PDF]
  9. Eaves, L.J., Heath, A.C., Martin, N.G., Neale, M.C., Meyer, J.M., Silberg, J.L., Corey, L.A., Truett, K. & Walters, E.E. (1999) Comparing the biological and cultural inheritance of stature and conservatism in the kinships of monozygotic and dizygotic twins. In Cloninger, C.R. (Ed.) Personality and Psychopathology Washington, DC, American Psychiatric Press, 269-308. [Fulltext PDF]
  10. Neale, M.C. (2000) Individual t, heterogeneity, and missing data in multi-group SEM. In: T. D. Little, K. U. Schnabel, & J. Baumart (Eds.) Modeling longitudinal and multi-level data: Practical issues, applied approaches, and specific examples Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. [Fulltext PDF]
  11. Neale, M.C. (2000) Flexible QTL mapping with Mx. In: T. Spector, H. Snieder & A. MacGregor (Eds.) Advances in Twin and Sib Pair Analysis pp. 219-243. London: Greenwich Medical Media. [Fulltext PDF]
  12. Neale, M.C. (2003) Quantitative Genetics. In: D.N.Cooper (Ed.) Encyclopedia of the Human Genome Macmillan Publishers Ltd, Nature Publishing Group. [Fulltext PDF]
  13. Neale, M.C. (2003) Twin Studies: Software and Algorithms. In: D.N.Cooper (Ed.) Encyclopedia of the Human Genome Macmillan Publishers Ltd, Nature Publishing Group. [Fulltext PDF]
  14. Boker, S.M., Neale, M.C. & Rausch, J.M. (2004) Latent Differential Equation Modeling with Multivariate Multi-Occasion Indicators. In: K. van Montfort, H. Oud, & A. Satorra (eds) Recent Developments in Structural Equation Modeling: Theory and Applications Dordrecht, NL: Kluwer Academic Publishers pp. 151-174. [Fulltext PDF]
  15. Neale, M.C. (2005) Twin Studies: Software and Algorithms. In: B.S. Everitt & D.C. Howell, (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science Volume 4, pp. 1876-1880. Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons. [Fulltext PDF]
  16. Neale, M.C. (2005) Quantitative Genetics. In: B.S. Everitt & D.C. Howell (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Statistics in Behavioral Science Volume 1, pp. 97-99.Chichester, UK: John Wiley & Sons. [Fulltext PDF]
  17. Eaves, L.J., Chen, S., Neale, M.C., Maes, H.H., Silberg, J. (2005) Questions, models, and methods in psychiatric genetics. In: K.S. Kendler & L.J. Eaves (Eds.) Psychiatric Genetics. Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Publishing. [Fulltext PDF]
  18. Neale, M.C., Boker, S.M., Bergeman, C.S., Maes, H.H. (2005) The Utility of Genetically Informative Data in the Study of Development. In: S.M. Boker and C.S. Bergeman Notre Dame Quantitative Methods in Psychology. New York: Erlbaum. [Fulltext PDF]

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