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This mini-guide is for search committee members and chairs. Search Committee Members use eJobs to review applications and application documents. For faculty postings, Search Committee Chairs are responsible for moving applicants through the “workflow” (i.e. selected for an interview). Detailed instructions for using eJobs can be found on the VCU Human Resources website.

Granting Search Committee Access

On this page, search committee members (approved through the Request to Recruit) should be given access. To add a search committee member click “Add Existing User.”

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A new window will open that will default to search for users that are assigned to the Search Committee group in the department of the posting.

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To expand the search to include all Search Committee groups by clearing the “Department field,” and search for all user accounts by un-checking the “display search committee user group members only.” Once you have located the search committee member click the “Add Member” button to add a user to the search committee. If no account is found after searching all user group accounts, click on “Create New User Account” at the bottom of the window to request a new account.

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Complete all required account information and click “Add Member to Search Committee” button. The system will run a search to see if there are any accounts that match the email or username. If a match is found, the system will warn you and prompt you to add the existing user instead. If no match is found, the new user account will be created.If you create a new search committee member, the search committee member will not have access until the request for the new search committee member access has been approved. This search committee feature gives Hire access to the applicable search committee members. The username will be the same as the email.

Make a Search Committee Member a Committee Chair

  • To make a search committee member a committee chair select the “Committee Chair” box when you add the search committee member to the posting or from the list of search committee members on the posting.
  • Note: Any changes to the previously approved search committee composition on the Request to Recruit need to be approved by OFRR or VPHS, as applicable.

NOTE: Search Firms and Search Committee Members who do not have an eID may access eJobs once they have been given access to the system. They will be able to use their assigned username and password to log in at

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