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As of June 2021, these security changes have started rolling out again, but may not be affecting everyone just yet. If you access email through a computer offsite, you will need to go through these instructions at some point and it is better to have it done ahead of time.


This page describes how to access Office 365 after the security changes that were made on March 18th, 2021. If you are reading this document before you are running into problems, it is still recommended to setup VCU Health Duo so that you are prepared once the changes are in effect again.

Affected Apps

This affects all web apps that are part of Office 365, including the web versions of Outlook, Teams, Sharepoint, Word, and others. It does not immediately impact those using the full programs installed on your computer, those we expect to see impact in the future.

About VCU Health Duo

Duo is not VPN

It should be noted that Duo is not the same as VPN. Duo is a 2-factor authentication tool that provides a second piece of verification when you are logging into certain systems or services. This is very similar to receiving a text message when logging into your bank from a new computer.

To access Office 365 offsite, you must now authenticate using VCU Health's 2-factor authentication tool Duo. VCU also uses Duo, so it is important to recognize that there is a difference. When you have both sites setup, it should look something like this in the app:
[View Image]

If you are on a VCU or VCU Health network on campus, you can access and setup VCU Health Duo at If not, you can connect into VCU's RamsVPN and access the site then to setup Duo. If you still can't access the site, you will have to contact the VCU Health Service Desk at (804) 828-6447. 

VCU Health Duo Initial Setup

Detailed Instructions

Please visit from on campus or VCU's RamsVPN and follow the instructions in the attached document to setup VCU Health Duo. This only needs to be done one time.

[View Image]

New Remote Login Process

The new remote login process is as follows:

  1. Go to (or for direct access to email)
  2. Enter your email address as the username. (You may need to click a Sign In button first.)
  3. Enter your password and click the Sign in button.
    [View Image]
  4. If you are already enrolled in VCU Health Duo, you will see the message below. Click the Send Me a Push button and you should receive a prompt on your phone (or in the Duo app) to approve the connection. After you approve it, you should be logged in.
    [View Image]

More Problems?

If you are in the School of Medicine and are struggling to follow the steps above or aren't sure where to start, please submit a ticket to SOMTech at If you are continuing to be prompted for your password or you have forgotten your password, please contact the VCU Health Service Desk at (804) 828-6447 so they can check your account.

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