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SOMTech implements the required security standards on SOMTech-managed computers. In addition, SOMTech installs software or makes operating-system changes that improve management and support of the computers. Lastly, there are commonly used pieces of software and user interface changes that are made to benefit the faculty and staff. This page describes what changes are made to computers managed by SOMTech.

University Standards

SOMTech implements the relevant components of the following university standards on SOMTech-managed computers. These standards are usually implemented through Active Directory GPOs on Windows computers or Jamf policies and profiles on Macs.


Default Part
of Image
Required per
Kept Updated
by SOMTech
Install (or re-install)
if missing
Required(tick) [View Image](tick) [View Image](tick) [View Image](tick) [View Image]
Typical(tick) [View Image](error) [View Image](tick) [View Image](tick) [View Image]
Initial(tick) [View Image](error) [View Image](tick) [View Image](error) [View Image]

Adobe Acrobat ReaderWindows & MacInitialPDF viewing software
AlertusWindows & MacRequiredVCU alert software
Cisco AnyConnectWindows & MacInitialVPN software
Citrix Receiver

Windows & Mac

InitialVCU Health Connect connection software
CyberArk EPMWindowsTypicalPrivilege escalation software
DDPE EMEWindowsRequiredExternal media encryption software
Encryption via BitLockerWindowsRequired on LaptopsFull encryption of computer
Encryption via FileVaultMacRequired on LaptopsFull encryption of computer
Google ChromeWindows & MacInitialWeb browser
JamfMacRequiredMac management software
LansweeperWindows & MacRequiredAsset management software
MECM (formerly SCCM)WindowsRequiredMicrosoft management solution. Includes Software Center in Start Menu.
Microsoft OfficeWindows & MacInitialProductivity software
Mozilla Firefox ESRWindows & MacInitialWeb browser
SophosWindowsRequiredAntivirus software
ClamAVMacRequiredAntivirus software
ZoomMacInitialVCU meeting software
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