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DUO Mobile
Used for 2-factor authentication to multiple VCU systems; requires a mobile phone.

Follow the directions to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect client on your machine.  Once you do, you can use it to connect to the VCU network remotely.  This requires registration in the DUO Mobile service.

Network Shares
Follow the mapping directions to access your personal storage (home drive) and department storage (share drive), or learn more about how Biostatistics uses these drives on our Network Drives page.
Note: Students who are not employed as graduate assistants (on stipend) by the department are not automatically granted the higher "employee" VPN access level (Category 2).  Exceptions may need to be manually requested to allow remote access.

SAS Software
If you did not download the SAS software directly from Technology Services, register it here.

SafeNet Wireless
To avoid having to log in every time, choose the "VCU SafeNet Wireless" network and use your eID username and password.  When your eID password changes, you will need to change it in the SafeNet Wireless configuration as well.

When connected to the wireless network and RAMS VPN, or the wired network via Ethernet, you can set up and print to the Shared Printers in the BIOS department.

Other Software (optional)

VCU Technology Services Student Quickstart Guide

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