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Over the years, SOMTech has enforced encryption on flash drives primarily using 2 different solutions (IronKey drives and DDPE). In 2021, these solutions are being phased out for financial and management reasons. More details are below, but if you have any questions or concerns, please submit a ticket to SOMTech.

IronKey Drives

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SOMTech and VCU Health provided hardware-encrypted IronKey devices for many years. These devices required a password every time they were used, but worked on both VCU and VCU Health computers. They were also able to be used on any computer without administrative rights. If the password was forgotten, SOMTech could reset the password administratively (on SOMTech-managed drives). VCU Health used unmanaged IronKey drives which meant that they weren't able to help with forgotten passwords. They stopped providing IronKey drives in 2019.


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