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  1. Go to
  2. Click on Click To Login.
  3. Login to CAS with your VCU eID and eID password (if prompted).
  4. Click on School/Unit Specific Support
  5. Choose School of Medicine
  6. Choose SOM Client Services
  7. Depending on the issue, you may want to click on different options listed below, but if you are having a problem with your computer (or can't figure out how to get a ticket to SOMTech)not sure which to choose, you should click on these one of the bolded options:
    1. Report Issue
    2. Request Service
    3. Request a VCU Health Email Account
    4. Request Access to the SOM Shares
    5. Request Computer
    6. Request New Managed Folder
    7. Request New Shared Mailbox
    8. Request Printer Support
    9. Request Remote Access
    10. Terminate Access to the SOM Shares
  8. Fill in the form with the relevant information and click the Submit button. Use the information below to help best complete this form.


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